Happy New Year Hive! [Greetings From My Family]

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This is a little bit late because you know, procrastination. Plus, uploading a post is still a struggle here in Cebu. We have power now, but water is still unreliable and it will probably take another week for our internet connection to come back. I’m relying on prepaid data, but it’s not consistent. Nevertheless, things are starting to return to normal, at least in our area, but it will take months or years to reverse the damage of that typhoon. Still, we have to greet you with a Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! 🎉

We celebrated both Christmas and New Year in the dark, but I didn’t feel any sadness over our situation. Maybe I haven’t processed those emotions yet, but I felt I shouldn’t complain because there are people who are in worse situations. I never thought we can celebrate the holidays after what happened, but my family's an optimistic bunch. We used my father's motorcycle as a lamp to illuminate the whole room. I bought a solar lamp, but it's not completely reliable. It will run out of power after an hour even if it's charged in the sun the whole day.

Some people don't call this a happy new year, just a "new year" because they have lost everything due to the typhoon. I can't blame them. We have different ways of reacting to the situation and processing our emotions. A pessimist would probably look back on what has been lost and would have difficulty in moving forward. An optimist would probably look ahead and look for the silver lining amidst the chaos and devastation. I prefer to be a pragmatist. I look at the present, recognize what has been lost, sort the things that I have direct control, let go of the things that are beyond me, and make decisions on what's best for me and my family. Regardless of what type you are, we all don't have a choice but to move forward. No matter what we do, we can turn back time and turn things back to normal. I think I have the confidence to say these things because of you. Yes, you who are reading this post right now.

Thank you for making my 2021 bearable! It was one hell of a roller coaster ride, but it was fun because of you. I'm actually excited to face the new year because of what's in store for the community. I never thought I could survive the whole of 2021 with only Hive. I mean every aspect of my life has been amalgamated with Hive and it's very difficult to separate now. I can't imagine what I would do without Hive. I would probably survive if that would happen because that's what I do. I always find a way to survive, but I just can't imagine that scenario right now.

If there's one thing the past year has taught me is that I should not be too attached to the things I possess. I'm trying not to get attached even to my plans and visions for my future. I'm so done with those things especially when the pandemic ruined every single plan that I had.

The super typhoon solidified my resolve to detach and let go of things. I had a lot of plans that week before the typhoon. I actually had a difficulty in choosing which activity I would attend. Saturday, December 18, I was supposed to attend three events, but all of those didn't happen. All my allocated funds were diverted to house repair, buying of basic necessities, and donation drives. It's okay. I felt happy that I was able to help. Thank you all for letting me help those who really need it. They're so thankful for the 5 kgs of rice and a few groceries. Some said that we're better than the government because they didn't receive anything from the barangay. That was possible all because of you. I can't express my gratitude enough. Thank you so much! I'll make the final transparency report soon.

I'm not really into celebrations and decorations, but I just let my sister do whatever she wanted to do. All the decorations and food you see in those photos were from my sister and mother, but I was the one providing the money. I felt I should just let them do the things that will make them happy. Because they were happy, I was also happy and at peace. Just because I don't like celebrations doesn't mean I should deprive them to celebrate considering what we have been through.

I'm so done with new years resolutions and setting goals. I'll just let the universe plot the course for me. What I'm excited about is seeing where Hive will take us this year. More importantly, as long as my family is happy, I can sleep knowing I did my best for them. I'm also done with allowing other people to influence my life. Last year was an eye-opener when it comes to those things. I won't allow anyone to make me feel down anymore. I'll be more selective of the people I wanted to be with. To those I've let go of last year, go on with your lives. I hope we won't cross paths again in the future. Still, I'm hoping for the best for all of you.

Once again, Happy New Year and see you on my next post!

Kim Ybañez

Welcome to Kim's small corner in Hive. He is a chemical engineer by profession, but a blogger by passion. He is a wanderlust and an adventure seeker. Join his quests as he visits secluded destinations, climbs mountains, tries new and exotic dishes, and explores his country (The Philippines). He's also a trying hard photographer so stay tuned as he shares his photos and his thought process while creating them.

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What a year 2021 was. Wishing you a Happy New Year! We were just talking about your humanitarian calling in 2022 in early December and before the year ended, you both were on it already.

😱 I didn't realize that! I remember you told me and I was just laughing it off! Now here we are! How the universe works.

The universe works in an odd, often crazy, beautiful, and intelligent way. I wonder how this year is going to unfold for all of us.

Me too! That's why I don't have any resolution or goal anymore. I just let the universe take me where it wanted me to be.

Happy New Year man! I think Hive made the last year better for most of us (if not all of us) and I cannot wait to see how much we will further progress in 22 :) I also hope that Hive will help you guys from Cebu get over the consequences of the catastrophe faster.

Greetings and hugs from Krakow.

@tipu curate

Happy New Year from the Philippines! Hive has done a lot here in Cebu especially those Hivers that are affected by the typhoon. I'm really thankful for that. I'm sure 2022 will be an epic year for Hive.

The fact that you were able to help others while you're in the same situation as them says a lot about you. I look up to you, really. I kept thinking about what you said in one your posts, that you don't have time to break down because a lot of people are depending on you. I admire how strong and kind you are.

I wish nothing but happiness and good health for you and your family this 2022. More power to you, @ybanezkim26! Padayon ♥️

Thank you so much! I guess I'm like this by virtue of no choice. 😁 I sometimes wished to at least feel free from the burden I imposed on myself.

Happy New Year and wishing you the same: happiness and good health! Plus, prosperity!

Thank you! Feels like you're a middle child, the responsible one. Hehehehe.

Happy New Year! Iba rin ang may pa t-shirt. Hahaha. I'll look for a nice book you can (finally) read. 😂 Something that's about manifesting and letting the universe work for you. 😁

Lahi ra jud ang mga pakulo sa akong manghud. 😂

Excited ko mubasa again. Haven't read anything in a while.

Happy New year....sorry about the typhoon that happened in your place...I love your reaction and you're probably a very good example for other people around you to follow...I hope this bee year brings you good things of life😋💖

Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your kind words! We all have different reactions to things. It just worked for me to be pragmatic.

I hope you'll have a great year, too! Stay safe and healthy!

Welcome...stay healthy too😘

It was indeed a different kind of holiday season because we had to deal with the aftermath of the storm. It's good to know that you and your family are well and safe. Still, a happy new year!!🤗

I prefer to be a pragmatist. I look at the present, recognize what has been lost, sort the things that I have direct control, let go of the things that are beyond me, and make decisions on what's best for me and my family.
It's nice to have this kind of mindset, indeed there are situations beyond our control so let's just focus on living in the present moment and decide based on what we have right now. Take care and stay safe😊

Happy New Year! It's an eye-opener event too. Now, I think we will be more prepared every time a typhoon enters the country.

Stay awesome and healthy! May the year be great for all of us.

Given the conditions, your new year is actually a lot more festive than mine, it's great to see that you guys are keeping your spirits high!!!

It was my sister who did most of the preparations. I just ride along whatever they can think of. They're always festive when it comes to new years.

Happy New Year, Pauline!

Hi @ybanezkim26

First of all, I am sorry what happened to your country, there are things that nobody can predict and if it came as surprise, probably it was not one of the best ones. However, you are right, everyone can react differently, and look from a negative or positive side, or just accept the reality and try to move forward with a settled mind, if possible.
And of course, Happy New Year :D Your sister went the extra mile with the decoration! Cheers 🥂

Happy New Year, @mipiano! Things are much better now, but Omicron is just around the corner. There might be another lockdown for the nth time. I'm still hopeful for things though.

My sister planned the decorations since like October, but it was scaled down due to the typhoon. It was still great.

yea, i sometimes think, if i had to pack up (like in minutes only) and jump on a plane or even walk/car/train to somewhere.. what would i bring.. what if i only get my backpack? then u gotta think what is the most important things. actually, nothing other then what is in my head and heart and family is even needed. we forget that and learn to get attached to stuff..

Totally agree! It's so easy to get attached to things, but the process of detachment is difficult and painful.

Happy new year po!

Happy New Year din po! May you have a great year!

Happy new year to you and your fam @ybanezkim26 !!! 🎉

Happy New Year! Manifesting for a happy and healthy year for all of us!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Hope you're having a great new year.

It's an optimistic and hopeful 2022. Thanks. 😊

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Happy New year! ^_^
Sana ay maging maganda ang pasok ng New Year sa inyong lahat... Laban lang tayo sa hamon ng buhay sa tulong at awa ng Dios...

Ako meron bang greeting rin? Friends na ba kayo?

Your positive attitude is appealing to me. It doesn't matter what our circumstances are, we all need to stay hopeful. You did great last year and helped your family greatly.

I won't allow anyone to make me feel down anymore. Yes yes ❤️

Happy New Year Kim, and may this year bring health, happiness, and peace to you and your family :)

Happy New Year, @trangbaby! Stay awesome with your community there in Vietnam. I now look up to you when it comes to travel posts. Also, manifesting happiness and health to all of you there.

Happy New Year. Despite of your current situation, nagagawa mo pa rin tumulong sa kapwa. More blessing to you and your family! Keepsafe!

Happy New Year! Thank you po! 🙌

I'm just doing what I can do. There are more people who needs help more than us.

Happy New Year, I didn't know about the typhoon, I'm sorry I can't imagine how hard it must be, you're blessed because you still have a house, food and the most important: you're family. I wish you the best in this year and I hope all is getting better soon.

Happy New Year! I hope it will get better soon, too! But there are still a lot of people who need help.

Happy new year kim

Happy New Year sad diha Ma'am Jean!