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Hello December! Hello dear Hivers! Today's post is about my recent hive meetup, onboarding these three beautiful souls to Hive. I have onboarded quite a few people to join Hive before and not all of them last longer but most of them are still here blogging. That's why I want to make sure this time that I will only invite and onboard people that are much willing to learn and to stay in the platform. I have known these three through my sister @eeventuree and they have been asking her about the platform. Since my sister can't explain to them thoroughly about the block chain she asked me instead. The first requirement I asked of them is "commitment", not just to post but to engage with the different communities and as much as possible to never be disappointed.


I was amazed and surprised that they already have drafts of their intro during our meetup. I have explained to them the important used of their keys and how to secure it safely since I have learned the hardest lesson when I lost my account last September. I introduced them to the different dapps that they can use while blogging including the different communities that they might be interested in according to their niche.

I hope I did cover most of the basic things to remember in hive including the importance of original content which they all agreed. I also encouraged them to build their accounts through engagement as soon as they have enough hive power (HP) to visit other hive accounts and drop some love through upvotes and comments.

I am supposed to blog about this on a weekend but these three were very excited and have posted their hive introduction already today! Yes! They did it! Welcome to Hive guys!

(Photo from his blog)

Meet RJ, He was the first one to introduce himself today, under his username @mamas.boi who loves photography! Read his introduction HERE.

(photo from her blog)

Followed by this beautiful gamer who loves playing online games, meet Donna under the username @playwith.rylai and read her introduction post here.

(photo from her blog)

Last but not the least, meet the beautiful and hardworking lady Sharon, who loves traveling and goes by the name @journeywithsha . Read more about her intro and get to know her here.


As you all know, I just started back from scratch after I lost my account and OCD is generous enough in allowing me to make this second account, thanks @acidyo for allowing me to get back on track and for giving me a chance to onboard new people on hive again. Thank you! :)


Thank you guys for listening to our quick hive meeting and I hope to see you guys around and to discuss things further since I know you still have a lot of questions.

That will be all! Feel free to follow them hivers since they need your support as they start their journey here on Hive.

Have a nice day everyone and happy 1st of December! ☺️✨




Great work! We absolutely LOVE meetups. They really are one of the best ways to teach people about Hive and also inform the coffee shops and other business owners while we are there about how to accept Hive for payment by using the free PalmPay dapp.

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Aweee nindota teh uy 🥹 So honored that we, @playwith.rylai and @playwith.rylai are featured on your blog. We thank you for welcoming us in the Hive Community💝

You're welcome RJ! My pleasure. :) Worth to be feature Ra gyud ^^,)

Gi kilig ko nagbasa teh haha. Thank you so much ❤️
We won't waste this opportunity ❤️

Hehe my pleasure dae❤️ happy Hiving!☺️