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Hello, Hivers!

Though my day is super busy between motherhood duties and the Hive life, I would like to share with you some photos of our Zumba party yesterday for my 4th blog anniversary on Hive.



I would like to thank those who came and shared the fun:

@ybanezkim26, @thegaillery, @itsmiessyonpeakd, @hiraya, @sassycebuana, @kcwonders, @jongcl, @intoy.bugoy, sassycebuana and jongcl's sister, @itsnikki and her mom (our dearest ate Elsie), My lovely friends and supporters; malou and her daughter Jamjam, Anilou and Chuchie (one of Hive investors and supporter of our Cebu Group.


Celebrations really enhance our wellness – and this is the case for important milestones as well as everyday gains. One of the primary reasons why we celebrate is because it represents the entire attitude of appreciation and enjoyment rather than concentrating on what we have or just what we desire in the future.

So I have to leave you with some photos you can flick through and get inspiration on Hive! Enjoy and have a good one!



Take home cookies







Selfie with @ybanezkim26, @thegaillery, and @intoy.bugoy

@intoy.bugoy, @sassycebuana and sassycebuana sister









@ybanezkim26 finally taking a break from his Hive life! haha



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Yay! Thanks for having us😊😊 We really had a blast and we were so full😊. Hope to see everyone on the next event. 😁😊

Glad you guys had fun! Till next time! <3


Thank you for having us @purepinay , that was really a great time, we relax and also learn a lot. thank you for the quick tutorial @thegaillery @ybanezkim26 @purepinay . thank you 😊

And eat a lot! 😂

Haha to more eating sessions 😂

hahaha I forgot to mention, ito pala ang best part.🤣 UNLI FOOD's 😊

Thank you so much Gil for the invite! Had a great time!

You're most welcome, Kim! Thank you also for coming. Till next time 😘❤️

Oooooohhhhweeeeeh! Can't wait for the next event 🥂🍾💃🏻 (magtagay nata sunod 😂) basta only one call away lang me to help ni @hiraya. untitled.gif


Hahhaaha! Adik lang. 😃

Thank you so much my Usherettes!


Hahahhahaa 🧡🧡🧡🧡

YAYYYYYYYY!!! 😍😍😍Na lingaw kayko sa Zumba and swimming (miski dili kabalo lol) sa pool 😅😍 and of course super duper busog YIEEEE THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH SA INVITE Miss Gillaine @purepinay , to more Hive activities puhon puhon 😘😘😘

You're most welcome ☺️ thank you so much for joining! 😘

It looks like you had a lot of fun, good for you!

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

The truth is that you do know how to have a good time, enjoy and keep fit, dance + food and with good friends. Congratulations to everyone who is part of Grupo Cebu.

Hi gilaine I remember you welcomed me 3,5 years ago. Happy anniversary 4 years wowowowowo wonder how many characters you have written must be millions.