A Fun-Filled Hive Experience With My Comrades

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2021 was probably one of the most challenging year for me as only a few people knew it was utterly exhausting for me. In May, I had the opportunity of meeting @k-banti and @starstrings for the first time, and even with all my schedule and exhaustion and the stress of the year in general, I decided that taking that time off was essential, this was because in a man's life there will always schedule and stress, sometimes we have real-time issues, commitments and responsibilities that would appear as if they're prevalent and if you don't take care of them, one might regret the consequences. Truth is, this is and illusion. Sometimes we used to convince ourselves that our problems, responsibilities and commitments will be over if we face them squarely, but then we gradually implode when we don't take that time out.



The truth is, taking time off, is what eventually gives one that mental strength to continue. Apart from the fact that one needs physical strength to take care of their prevalent responsibilities, there's the need to maintain a mental strength because, our ability to even conquer the insurmountable relies on the mental strength. This is why each and every day, we're required to have a foundational purpose as to why we wake up everyday chasing accomplishment and hoping to run our lives to achieve each and every end goal we have actually set. Rest of mind is a mirage, it only exists in word, and it is practically impossible to achieve it, this is because the life of a person is filled with countless responsibilities, and we end up aiming to meet these responsibilities till the end of our lives.



At the end of the day, it's often essential to take that time off, sometimes we feel like failures, but this is only because our mental strength is waning and needs us to practically replenish it. This was Why I deemed the December Hangout go be a sort of healing, a time to reflect on my struggles, the challenges and the issues and actually take that time to have a fun filled experience. What is the essence of actually chasing after accomplishment, if the end game isn't to make our lives comfortable? Irrespective of the fact that I am a person that is quite conscious of my expenditures, I felt that every cent spend during the Christmas has been worth it, because I've been constantly working since January and any form of luxury in the new year as well would have been proportional to the time taken.



I want to specifically thank @trojan1, @starstrings01 and @k-banti for the experience, it was the Most fun filled moment of 2021 for me. The plan was to go to Omu Resort at Ibeju Lekki, but due to some mix up, we ended up at Oniru beach and turned out it was the most overrated place I had ever been to. However, we all took an Uber back to Yaba, and eventually we crashed at Ozone which was a much milder and peaceful place eventually, here we talked about our real-time issues, the social life, relationship aspects, I found out that these guys were probably more exposed than I was, It reflected in our conversations, and we had hearty laughs and all, some of our conversations were strictly 18+ and goodness me! Have I been so thrilled? It was totally fun filled, and we spent over four hours talking about a lot.



@starstrings01 talked a lot about his onboarding experience with OCD. He is a man, who has exponentially risen through the ranks to accomplish great things, as an onboarder and individual in general. He talked about some smart choices he's made with buying hive and how he's managed to grow his account and I learned and was inspired. Same with @trojan1, who talked about his life, his business ideologies and how he's probably encountered some loss along the line. @k-banti was his usual bubbly self, we related to how we got to know through @nathanmars' 777 challenge. He's probably one of the most crypto oriented person I know, a tech geek himself and a man who is destined for great things. At the moment, these people are busy with life, and it was beautiful to have them take their time off to meet.

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Mr. Fresh and fly...
Let me go and write a song about you 😄.
See how your skin is glowing. Share your skincare tips abeg.

On a more serious note, the value of resting cannot be overemphasized even God after creating the earth still took a whole day to relax and chill.

This was indeed a gathering of great minds and I love to see it.

A song about me? 😅😅😅, Because of the skin? Hahaha mehn. Sincerely I don't understand the skin myself. I know I make attempts towards taking care of myself but I hardly work towards having a good skin whatsoever.
Yeah its great to meet up with some of those great men above, hopefully one day, I get to learn more from meeting and knowing them.

sometimes we feel like failures, but this is only because our mental strength is waning and needs us to practically replenish it.

You seem to take my personal experience and write them down
I also tend to see myself failing. Taking a time off is a huge luxury for me and when i do, i try my best not to feel sick with myself. Something my family still criticise me for because since I turned 16, I've worked nonstop. This is my first time jobless and when I try to take time off the few things that give me "employed pleasure", I could throw up. But i find myself energised when I manage to. I find myself relaxed just like now. I just woke up from a nap.

Hahahaha i'm simultaneously waking up now as you. For the past 2 weeks I have been resting and trying to replenish my energy. Don't take Into cognizance what others might actually say. The truth is, we alone know how it's like to be stressed, don't let others pressure you into thinking you're lazy for demanding rest. In life, we all need a regret to actually continue our journey of responsibilities and seeking accomplishments.

Thank you for the kind words. I'll keep it in mind.

The truth is, taking time off, is what eventually gives one that mental strength to continue.

Taking time off can not be overemphasized.

No wonder people plan vacations not because they want to but because they have to and when they come back to work, they come back refreshed.

I made sure I went out at every opportunity I got and I plan to do some this new year. Hope we meet again this year probably with more people from the community so we can learn and grow together.

Thanks for meeting us ✌️✌️✌️

Thanks man, it feel really good, after I finished my program, it was only logical to take a rest from those tasking exams I had to write. Just like you, I have also taken it into agenda to make this year very satisfying for me. I think the money shouldn't even be considered because our lives are more important and we need those time taken to come back better

Yes ooo.

Cause I’m Nigeria if you can’t catch cruise, something else fit catch you.

Rest of mind is a mirage, it only exists in word, and it is practically impossible to achieve it, this is because the life of a person is filled with countless responsibilities, and we end up aiming to meet these responsibilities till the end of our lives.

True brother, we always crave for rest of mind and chase it for most of our lives and still end up getting nowhere. The best we can do is rest our brains by taking a break when we feel too overwhelmed and going back to work when we feel we've actually really rested. It's a circle, that's the only way we can actually keep going.

It's actually really great to see all this great men in one picture. When you said you actually discovered that they were a lot more exposed than you were, I actually laughed a bit because that's how it is most times. You can be really knowledgeable at this aspect and still find someone who's more knowledgeable than you in another aspect. We're all learning on a daily.

It's great to see that y'all took the time off to actually have fun, I always have that at the top of my dictionary.

Thanks for sharing such lovely photos @josediccus ❤️😊✅, and í hope your challenges become lesser this year

Thanks brotherly, it was actually expository to met these people, truth is, they're more exposed than me in so many aspect and this isn't surprising to actually note.
It was good to chill with them, like I said about the rest which you've emphasized I believe that rest of mind is a mirage, a place we cannot fully go to, but all we could do is to actually try our best to do the best when we set free times for ourselves. Thanks for the lovely comment.

Thank you for always sharing wonderful posts with us, we're looking forward to more this year.

Thanks for your reply. Have a great evening ❤️✅

I know it's hard, but try to get used to not feeling guilty about taking time off.

Especially when you do alot of work with something as creative as writing-- just grinding, grinding, grinding can lead to much lower quality work and also burnout.

Trust me it's something I struggle with too. I've had to literally block off time in my calendar, with weekly notifications, to force myself to not work and just relax. Nice job doing something similar and sharing that with the rest of us.

Hahah I totally understand you, the truth is, I usually take time off before I actually burn out and that's why I do not fall sick, become overwhelmed or even burn out.
Thanks for taking the time to drop your comment, mental stress can even be more devastating than physical stress and i'm happy me and my hive buddies got to take that time off.

Nice. It's great when your online community becomes a circle of friends in real life as well. Keep up and Hive on!

You're absolutely right, it probably establishes even more familiarity, the bond becomes closer and the trust becomes even better.

If you want to go fast go alone and if you wish to go far go with others...We see where this your journey of hive is going..Inspiration right here

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Hey brother!!! You had been listening and taking notes of our conversations. You remembered of when I discussed of how I invested in hive when I had the opportunity to. Yeah it was the best decision of my life and if such opportunity comes by, I would do it again.

And again the 4 hours plus we spent talking was the best conversation of the year 2021. I have never had so much laugh, and happiness. I hope we do this again this year 2022 brother!

Enjoyment 😍