Celebrating 6 YEARS On Hive! 🎉

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Wow 6 years! It’s been a fun ride being on this blockchain. So much growth and learning has benefited me on and off chain.

You can take a look at one of my first posts and see for yourself how much being on Hive has taught me and shaped me into the writer I am today. My posts used to be very short and simple and maybe I'd share a photo or two. I was first learning how to use our camera when taking those photos of the grasshopper...which explains the out of focus blurriness lol.

Yea, I’d say I’ve come a long way but still have more improving to do. I don’t think I will ever say I’ve learned enough.

If you would have told me back in July of 2016 that I would be here for the next six years I would have straight up laughed out loud. I said this before but in the beginning I came and tried this out, felt overwhelmed and went in hiding from Hive for the next six months. 😂

I decided I wanted to give it another go and that’s when I started taking the steps I recently shared in this Hive Tips post and it changed the course of my involvement and enjoyment. I haven’t looked back ever since. 😌

I can’t imagine not blogging here. As @sanjeevm put it, it’s like my social diary. I write about my personal life and feelings, thoughts that come to mind, let the goofiness in me roam free and play around. I post about the good and the uglies I face and all the things I’m passionate about.

Yea, I’m here to stay folks! 😎

I recently received a Congratulations message from @arcange and @hivebuzz on becoming a dolphin!


To be honest I wasn’t keeping track or looking for it to happen.

At first I used to keep track of my numbers and set goals for when I would become the next level of fish. I realized it was more stressful than fun and decided to just enjoy the ride and when it comes it’d be a surprise…and that it was.

It could of happened a lot sooner but my family was in need of things which resulted in a few power downs. I remember the last time I had to do that I was pretty close to this dolphin stage. I have no regrets though and thankful for this outlet that helped my family during some tough financial times.

It would however be cool if I ever reached Orca level. I would love giving bigger upvotes to everyone! 🤩

You ask what my roles are on Hive?


If anything this is what I like to do the most. After my own experience with getting through the learning curve and almost giving up on it completely, I don't want others to have to go through that or feel they aren't capable of doing well here.

Every opportunity I get to teach I take it. If I see a need, then I make a post about it. If I know several people are confused about the same thing watch out cause here comes another post 😆.

We all want to see Hive continue growing and expanding so why not work together to keep retention high? I'd like to see everyone do well and have fun here. Making their journeys lighter and less confusing is a sure way to achieve that.

Manual Curator

I have never been part of a curation/upvote trail and don’t ever plan on it. For one, I like reading posts and making the choice on my own whether to support it or not. Secondly, I’ve never been comfortable with the thought of someone else having the ability to make my account upvote a post.

Like what if something glitches and my voting power goes down to 0? 😳

Okay that may be a little far fetched but hey. 🤷🏽‍♀️😄

Anyhoo, I know those voting trails are helpful to those who can’t be around as they still gain curation rewards for their accounts. It’s just not for me that’s all. Manual curating is what I do every time I’m online here and this is how I’ve gained new friendships, new found knowledge and a love for things I never thought I’d be interested in.

I also currently curate for OCD and the Stock Images Community which has been a really cool experience. I’ve learned quite a bit about how curation works and investigating for spammers, fraudulent accounts and such from working in OCD. There’s some very knowledgeable people there and I love picking their brains to learn more. 😁


People have called me their Hive Mom and Hive Mentor and that I am very grateful for. To be seen in this way confirms a lot for me and I don’t take that for granted.

However, where I see myself most as a leader is with the NeedleWorkMonday Community. This is my baby and has been since 2017 when I first started the #needleworkmonday tag. Sharing my needlework and reaching out to find others was one of my first goals upon joining.

I had no clue it would have turned into the community it is today. I remember when it was just a handful of us sharing what we loved to do and showing off our little projects ☺️. It didn’t seem we would get a lot of support with what we were trying to do but as time went on…WOW!

Not only did we get more support and recognition for our work but many more needleworkers started appearing and showing their skills. It was quite amazing to witness and I still get excited about it today.

The needlework community is the first community I led challenges in with the freedom and liberty to create rules and rewards as I wished. I’ve put the most into this community because it’s what I am most knowledgeable about and where I feel I can contribute the most.

I gained so much confidence and learned more about leadership while building up this community (I owe a lot of that learning to @shanibeer whom I look up to in a lot of ways 😘). I never thought it possible for this type of niche to be so loved and supported but I was wrong. Much of this credit goes to all the supporters and to the needleworkers who make life in the community. 💓

Stay tuned because we’re about to celebrate NeedleWorkMonday’s Hive Birthday!! 🥳


Oh Yea!! For many more years I plan to stick around as long as the good Lord allows!

Thanks for the engagement and interaction on my posts that each of you do. It would be really boring without being able to have conversations and discussions. I value the time you give to my writings and the love you show me in the comment section.

Thanks to those who verbally show appreciation for my guidance and take in the advice I give. I know you don’t have to follow up with me but when you do it serves as a motivation for me to keep doing what I’m doing, so thank you. 🤗



Oh my God🤭🤭, 6 solid years in hive with this amazing consistency talking from your old blogs since 2017? You have come to this far ma, and your impacts so far have been amazing! Congratulations 🎉 for your six years on hive and the 🐬 dolphin, this is huge!

You are a leader, a motivator, and a guiding Angel to many including my humble self. You are so many things here worthy of emulation. Visiting your past blogs is a huge source of motivation for me to keep going.
I am not sure If you are aware of how much your many posts are shaping minds here but I value them.

Great to know about you being the founder of needlework Monday. I see the great work you are doing in that community, more grease to your elbow and I can't wait to celebrate the first birthday with the needleworkers.

Once again congratulations 🎉 ma🤗👍🧡🥰

Sweet lady you done sparked a tear in my eye...seriously 😢🥺. You have the most touching and meaningful comments that always leave me like 🥹🤗. Thank you so very much for your words and thank you for valuing my posts.

I purposely wanted to leave a link to one of my starter posts as a motivation to you all to see where consistency and persistence can land you. I was very discouraged at the beginning but after I stopped worrying about who visited my post and how many upvotes this and that post was worth I started having fun. Hive is so much more than just upvotes, I am a testament of how this platform has changed my life for the good. I am so thankful for it.

I’m glad you joined the needlework clan and I look forward to seeing your continual growth here. You are an amazing person and I’m grateful to know you ~ 💖

These words of yours to me kept me speechless 🤭. Thanks for this ma'am and you are welcome for appreciating my comment.
Keep up the good work and keep touching lives positively 👍

Of course ~ 😉🤗

I’ll do my best. ☺️

Congrats on 6 years and on dolphinhood! Ha! That is some great news! It says I joined in Sept 2017, so you beat me by a year! I am glad to have found Hive because I was really missing being able to blog about stuff that has happened around here. I still haven't even posted about the tower we installed! I better look at some of my older pictures on the days when I can't think of what to write! Have a great day! Eat some cake for your 6 year anniversary!

Thank you!! It was exciting news to receive. Oh cool so your 5th year will be coming up soon!

When Hive was introduced to me I was in the process of looking into starting my own blog. I stopped pursuing that and stayed here. 😊

I’m curious to hear about this tower now lol.

I was thinking about grabbing me a small cake and showing a piece cut from it hahaha! 🍰

You definitely deserve a cake! So the Hive date is really date you started Steemit? I can't keep it all straight since they were duplicated...and I got off of Steemit around 3 years ago. Anyway, good fun! Have a great afternoon!

Aww thanks. ☺️

Yes that’s correct. The year count starts back to when we first joined Steemit.

I wandered off to make this gif (yes, while I've seen other 6 year celebrations, I've been lazy about making a new one 😜), and completely forgot to actually get it done! But now I have, and you're the first person to get it...

Congratulations on such an awesome milestone, and so happy to have gotten to know you through the OCD crew. 🥰

Oh my gosh I love it!! 😍

You mean while celebrating your own birthday you took the time to send me this awesome gif for my Hive birthday 🫢?!! Awww shucks I feel so special!

Thank you so much for sending this! It is very thoughtful of you. I’m so glad we have gotten to know each other better through OCD!! ☺️🤗😘

You got started quite early. Glad to see you have continued to stick around and be so awesome. I really love your little yarn logo at the bottom by the way, so creative.

My 5 year is in December. Hopefully, there are many reasons to celebrate by that time.

It's funny because around the same time this chain started my husband and I were really getting into cryptos. My brother came across this platform and told me about it. He knew I wanted to start my own blog so he figured this would be a double benefit (learning more about crypto and blogging at the same time) and he was right.

Aww shucks thanks a bunch. I'm glad I stuck around too.

Thank you! It was designed by @charsdesign. I explained what I've been wanting and he knew exactly what to do. I love my logo!! 😁

Oh Sweeet! 5 years is a long time and you've been at it providing good content and support all throughout. I appreciate your support and the content you share...especially when it's photos of the beautiful @flowerbaby and the awesome adventures you two share. 😃😉

Recently, I was also on my first Hive Birthday. Since then, whenever someone comments that they are having an anniversary, I feel shared happiness because I know they have had incredible experiences that one could not have imagined before Hive.

I send you a big fraternal hug from a distance loaded with the best vibes and many blessings. Congratulations on your sixth Hive Birtday!. 🤗 🎂🎉

Oh nice! Happy 1st year to you!! I am definitely one who has had incredible experiences. 😉

Thank you so much for the congrats!!

it’s like my social diary

Someday, it will be a souvenir for our kids. Congratulations for coming this far and holding tight, I am sure, the ride will be fun in the next bull season.

It sure will be and I hope they cherish what they read. 😊😉

Thank you!! Oh I’m looking forward to that ride! 😄

wow 6 years, thats a lot!! I imagine thats a whole lot of change and growth you went through, thats awesome! I really enjoyed your retrospective on it, I was just recently thinking of it myself, that its really cool to see your own growth being documented through all the articles... like some sort of interactive diary, with exchange and conversations:) I am also glad to have met you here and have found the needlework community, I am really enjoying it!!:)

Haha yea it is quite a long time. But you know what's funny? I've been enjoying myself so much with this that it doesn't even feel like 6 years. I think it's because every week there's something new to learn and do (and new people to meet) and it keeps the fun and interest fresh.

Yes it really is cool to see your growth. I literally laugh at some of my posts from back then and say “I really posted that?” 😄

Growth is good and motivating though so I appreciate being able to look back and compare.

I am glad to have met you too. You really bring beautiful creativity and inspiration to the needlework community that I really admire and appreciate ~ 💖💓

For sure I guess thats how you realize you really into something, when you dont even see the time passing!!:) Meanwhile observating your growth is awesome...
Thank you for this lovely reply😊

And I thank you too for your lovely comments ~ 😘

Happy Hive birthday my dear friend.
Certainly you are a great leader and a great supporter. NeedleworkMonday is a great community and it is because of the soul you have put on it.
Everybody in the community can feel the love and we feel like a great family there.
Thanks so much for your help, support, guidance and for your value friendship.
God bless you an your beautiful family!

Thank you my dear sweet Katty! You have added so much love and heart into the community and stepped in tremendously as a leader. 🤗

We are like a big family there. I love seeing relationships being build and the support system is so inspiring.

God bless you too sweet friend. I value our friendship as well ~ 💝

Congrats to your achievement.
I always remember you are one of the first hiver who wish me well when I started.
Keep it going.


Hey @pouchon! Thanks so much! Yes, I remember that too. I’m glad to know you have stayed onboard here and keeping hope alive for the chain and all it has to offer ;D

You keep going as well!

Happy 6th on hive @crosheill, I have been here barely a year and I can testify how reading your blogs have helped me transition easily here on hive, you have been a mentor, leader, an inspiration and a lot more..

Thank you for been all you are to us all on hive..

Thank you @crosheille

Happy 6th


Thank you for such sweet words @estherscott. You just don't know how much that means to me to hear how you feel about my presence on Hive. I will continue striving to be an inspiration and of help in whatever ways I can be.

It’s my pleasure. I thank you for your interaction with my content and always sharing your thoughts ~ 💜

You are welcome🤗🤗🤗

You've really come a long way in the blockchain that is very much appreciated without thinking twice. Your impact is awesome in the blockchain where majority can learn from and am happy and proud to say I have learnt a lot from you. Congrats on the achievement which is a work well-done and years to really celebrate. Congrats!!

When I look back at some of my posts I can't help not to laugh. When I first started writing I was treating it like a FB post. I finally realized that I could do so much more here and that motivated me to be more creative.

I always appreciate your feedback. It does me well to know I’ve had an impact on your learning here. ☺️

Thank you for your words ~

It's a pleasure

I believe its been a wonderful 6 years for you on Hive, one can see the milestones . I look at how you started initially and can't help but compare it to mine. 1 year for me now, but it has mainly been off and on, more off than on though,lol.

I hope to reach some milestone here too, just like you have reached. Taking inspiration from you, I guess it's time to put in the works.

Well done friend. This is just the beginning for your ascent

It has been wonderful. Lol, I thought it would be helpful to share my beginnings so one can see this truly is a process but you do have to put work into it.

Setting some Hive standards for myself really made a big difference. I mentioned this in a recent post but my minimum post length is 3 minutes (300+ words) and I won’t publish anything under that. Putting some heart, soul and effort in a post takes some time and I’ve just felt that I need at least 3 minutes to give that effort.

Sometimes when I’m reading a post I’m interested in it seems it ends just when it was getting good and I wish it would have kept going 😁.

Well I hope you do reach many milestones yourself and are able to put the work in as you have stated. Thanks for your comment today ~ 😊

You've been an inspiration to most of us here. This is worth celebrating. I am learning a lot from you. Thanks for allowing me to learn from your writings. I hope that one day I will also celebrate my success as you do.

I thank you for reading my content and I'm so happy you are learning from it :)

I hope you have many successes to celebrate as well ;)

The post you shared as one of your first posts on Hive is some persons best post even after spending a long time on Hive 😆 so funny, isn't it?

You're more than all you've listed out about yourself, I don't know too much about but the little I know are amazing and amazing is great!!!

Congrats on being a dolphin, a leader, a Hive mom 😍 and for sticking to Hive for six years and till counting.

More strength to you as you continue... I can't wait to celebrate many years with Hive as well 😃

🤣🤣🤣 lol to your first sentence. 🙈

Aww thank you. I normally only mention things like this about myself on special days like today…I don’t ever want to come off like I’m bragging or being too sure of myself. I truly am grateful and careful to stay humble and not prideful. I just enjoy sharing about my journey.

I’m sure you’ll do amazing things here too. Cheers to a long journey ahead ~ 😉🤗

No! You're not in anyway bragging seriously! You're all that and more, self appreciation sometimes is important 😍

I appreciate that. Thanks again ~ 💛


Felicidades, es un número mágico y segura estoy traerá a ti infinitas alegrías, bendiciones y éxitos.


Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a nice comment!! It’s much appreciated ~ ☺️

Happy birthday, congratulation, herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!!! I clearly remember my first invite from you to join the needleworkmonday community and its nearly unbelievable how all changed and grew thanks to you. If you would have told me that this topic will be so well received on a „tec-platform“ at the beginning… I would not have believed you. But yes, you did it. You were and are so important to this community. You are the heart and brain at once.
Big hug to you and I am still so glad to have found you (and all the great needleworkers)

If you would have told me that this topic will be so well received on a „tec-platform“ at the beginning… I would not have believed you.

I know right?! I'm still amazed at how well it has been received. It did take some time and work but wow I'm so amazed and pleased. ☺️😉

Awww thank you. It has been a pleasure pouring my heart and love into it. We’re one big needleworking family! 😃💕

I’m so glad to have you there, you make the community so much fun ~ 😊

Happy 6th anniversary @crosheille . this is an amazing journey for you I must say. I went to your old posts and realized that from 2017 till date,you have been consistent. I noticed you didn't have much up votes and that didn't discourage you from blogging. Can I just officially say that you are a role model....

Keep inspiring people.

Thank you @joydukeson!

Yes, after I left the first time I only took one more break for another 6 months. Other than that yep, I've been here going steady on Hive. 😁

I’ve been through all of the bull as well as the bear markets. No matter what was going on I saw the potential in this chain and didn’t want to miss out on anything. I knew it would have it’s ups and downs but I wanted to stick with it.

This included the low support on my posts. I remember it was like a race. Everyone wanted to do well and be seen and noticed on this new platform and it was quite the competition. I stopped looking at it like a competition and used it as my getaway from daily struggles of life. It became my go to for quiet time. Once I started meeting people and enjoying the writing process I decided I didn’t care how much my posts were supported because I was having fun. Of course my hopes were to eventually get that support I desired but I didn’t let it discourage me. I had that attitude of when it happens it happens but in the meantime just let me be myself, express myself and have fun on this ride. 😆😁

Thank you always for your encouraging remarks ~ 💕

Thanks for the motivation. I will keep pushing just the way you did.

Have a great day💕

For sure. You're doing a really great job on your posts already, keep up the nice work ~ 😘

COngratulations on your 6th year, @crosheille ! You're an inspiration to many. Keep up the great work. ❤️

Thanks so much @arrliinn! I really appreciate it ~ ☺️🤗

Happy 6th Hive birthday @crosheille, so glad you came back and started the needlework community, something I love but my sewing machine packed up!
Wishing you many more happy years on Hive 🎊💖

I'm so glad I came back too Lizelle. I would have missed out on so much fun.

We'll be there when you're ready to start sewing again. 😉

Thanks for the visit and comment ~ 💓

Wow, six years! What a thrill, Congrats!!! May it be many more! Let's blow out the candles on the cake!!!!


Whoo Hoo!! It is a thrill!! 😃🤩

Oh I love those balloons! Thanks for coming to the celebration in one! 😄😆😍


Congratulations and happy hive-i-versary!

It has been great working with you and sharing the journey and I look forward to many more years and adventures!


Thanks Shani! It has been really great working with you too. I'm look forward as well ~ 💓😘

Six years is easy to say, but on the blockchain, it is synonymous with growth, learning, and reputation.

I always remember her as the lady with the tips for new hivers and Macdonald's junk food, those posts had an impact on me.

Yesterday was, my 3rd anniversary and I was planning to post today 😆, Congratulations on your anniversary, and may it be much more full of success together with the hive.

Haha oh wow you remember that! Yes, that was the first time you and I exchanged conversation. I remember you telling me how much that impacted you. Thanks for mentioning that. 😀

Happy 3 years to you!! Thank you! I hope the same for you, much success!! 😊

6 Years! A long time. It is easy to start something, but consistently doing that for a long time needs commitment and dedication!

Congratulations on your six years anniversary! 😃

Reading your post reminds me of the initial thoughts of my Hive journey! When I first got to know about Hive (Steemit back then), I thought it was too good to be true. And the effective way to know the truth is by doing that. I started my journey, and here I am, reading your post. It's inspiring to see your Hive journey and what you did for others.

Wish you all the best, @crosheille!

I agree. This is the longest I've stuck with any social media site. I'm really not on any other ones which is why I'm able to put more time into this one.

Thank you!! I’m glad to have been here for so long. 😊

I thought it was too good to be true.

I get that. We had just lost some monies with a crypto project we really thought was legit but turned out to be a scam. The only reason I gave this a try was because my brother does thorough research before joining anything. He told me it was legit so that’s why I’m here. 😁

Thanks for your visit and comment. I’m
glad reading about my journey was inspiring for you ~

Happy 6 years Birthday :)

I hope you’ll see many more good times here ! Have a splendid summer ☀️

Oh I sure hope to see many more good times here! 😃

Thanks so much ~

You're welcome :))

Felicidades por los 6 años en hive es maravilloso todo lo que has logrado y es muy cierto lo que has dicho que nunca conocemos todos, siempre tenemos algo nuevo que aprender, a mí también me gusta mucho las costuras y aunque no he hecho curso aprendí algunas cosas mirando a mi madre. Mi máquina se me daño hace algunos meses y he tenido que hacer algunos trabajos a mano. Espero poder comprar una pronto😴 En Venezuela es un poco difícil. Ayer salí de vacaciones en la escuela y trataré de publicar algo de costura. Qué siga cosechando muchos éxitos un abrazo! 🤗

Thank you @marianne55! We would love to have you share some of your sewing work with us as soon as you're able to. 😉

Wow, this is good news boss. You have been doing well and I wish you more effort. Dear @crosheille all I have to say is a big congrats.

I really appreciate that. Thanks greatly ~ 😊😉

You've helped a lot of people with your great contents; recognizing a need and providing a help is one of the hallmarks of true leaders, and you are one. Hive is fortunate to have you, and I wish you more success in the years ahead, happy anniversary...cheers🥂

Awww thanks so much for such a nice comment. ☺️

I really appreciate your words. I love putting effort into helping others so it's sweet of you to recognize that.

Thanks again ~

How nice it has been to read this post, one can perceive the enthusiasm and joy on your part❤️.

I have accompanied you since 2017, the year I entered the blockchain, and I practically arrived and you gave me and still give me shelter in our wonderful community #needleworkmonday. I believe that if this community did not exist, I would not have the success I have in HIVE, I would not have the learning I have and the learning I will surely continue to acquire.

Thank you so much, may God continue to enlighten you to guide us and continue to accompany us.

It is always an honor to read you.

A hug...Congratulations, for more years in Hive😍.

I still remember when we first started connecting. I am so glad you are here and that we have been enjoying our needlework adventures together. 😊🤗

Thank you so much for this nice congrats, I appreciate you dearly ~ 💓💖

Wowww, congratulations, it's really a long journey, 6 years here is not a joking matter, Continue to sower higher.

Hahaha it's not a joke 😄😁. I do take this journey seriously and am very happy I've been here for this amount of time.

Thanks for stopping by and for the congrats ~ ☺️

I've only been here for 5 years. You are 6 years congratulations

Thank you! You’ve been here for quite some time too :)

Congratulations on six years!

Thank you!! 😀

Greetings. Dear @croeshelli. Congratulation on your six years🌹😘

Thanks a bunch @multifacetas!! 😃😆💕

Congratulations on this long journey ❤️

Thanks very much @racn! 😊🤗

Wow I've never known that this famous or a well known person visited my work on hive. I mean thank so much for dropping by, for telling that I could reach you if I have problems that's so kind of you to go and noticed me. And all of you right now is truly an inspiration for a begginer like me. Here in hive the Longer you can stay the better your path will leads and you leads us with your brightest sparks. Congratulations and God bless you always

For sure! I was sad hearing the way you felt about being here and that you haven't had too many good experiences yet. I just wanted you to know that if you stay persistent and bring forth effort you might possibly see a turnaround sooner than you think :)

Yes, exactly. I advise you give it some time and just try to enjoy yourself here and get to know others. I wish you well on your journey.

Thank you and God Bless you too ~ 💗

Many congratulations friend, I hope to be like you and spend a lot of time here at Hive. Keep fulfilling your dreams and goals, best of luck and blessings to you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thanks so much @bleuclair! 🥰😘❤️

Wow I am very amazed that this platform & blockchain lasts for so many years. Happy 6 years on hive! I am just starting my journey here because I just made my first post today and I hope I will celebrate many years here too!

Yes, we are a thriving community and plan on sticking around ;)

Thanks for the comment and welcome to Hive. I hope you enjoy your stay here and that you will also have many years to celebrate!

Hey @crosheille, here is a little bit of BEER from @pouchon for you. Enjoy it!

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