Staying for Community: Helpful Tips to Keep You Going on Hive

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When I first embarked on my journey in the blockchain world, one of the phrases I came across multiple times was "Come for the rewards, stay for the community." This message was prevalent in many early posts on the Steemit platform, and it was widely used by promoters as a way to attract and retain members within the community.

A catchy phrase that enticed individuals to the platform with the opportunity for financial gain, but ultimately encouraged them to foster relationships and continue to be active within the community. While this message may have been effective in bringing people to the platform, it may have also led to misunderstandings and disappointment.

On the Steemit platform, I witnessed an influx of new users but a substantial number of dormant accounts later, potentially due to the users having the wrong idea before joining. Individuals who have been utilizing Hive for an extended time are cognizant of the importance of fostering a cohesive community and the significance of remaining engaged within it. Through sharing my experiences, I seek to guide those who are new to Hive and assist in the retention of new members into the Hive community."

Many people show initial interest when they are introduced to the Hive platform and quickly sign up. However, a lot of them can become frustrated along the way and stop active participation, especially when their expectations are not met.

It is essential for promoters not only to attract new users but also to try to retain those they may bring on board. Hive's value increases when more individuals continue to use and invest in it, so it is crucial to actively promote Hive to bring in new users. I have learned about the need to stay for the community as I explore the blockchain.


Getting the promotional message right
Retention of membership within a community is a crucial aspect of its sustainability, and as such, promotional and marketing messages must be crafted and delivered in a manner that is both accurate and responsible.

Creating an impression that individuals can get rich quickly through their participation in the Hive community may lead to unrealistic expectations and ultimately result in disappointment, negatively impacting retention in the long term.

So here is what I have learned so far, it is always good when any promotional message focuses on empowerment, the potential for networking and collaboration, and the sense of belonging to a like-minded community and an investment chance.

Furthermore, it is important to understand that Hive community is not only about financial gain but also about personal growth, learning, and making meaningful connections.

Emphasizing the potential for financial gain alone may attract individuals who may join only for financial gain but will be leading to a higher rate of inactive or dormant accounts once they do not get incentivised.

I see it essential to communicate the holistic benefits of being a member of the Hive community to attract and retain individuals who will be fully committed.


Having a Sense of Community and Connection is Better
I believe that the presence of individuals within a community who choose to remain due to their enjoyment of the sense of community and connection they experience with other Hivers is of greater value than those who are solely motivated by the prospect of rewards.

If the focus is solely on reaping rewards, the opportunities to fully appreciate the many positive aspects that a Hive community has to offer will be missed. Those that are only preoccupied with their gain rather than the collective good, are the ones that do leave when seasons change.

Newcomers who have joined must understand the importance of community building and if they do, they will be more likely to persist in their participation and ultimately remain a part of the community.


An investor mindset Helps and keeps you going
it's always a good idea to plan for the future, as you never know when opportunities will arise. For example, when the price of Bitcoin reached an all-time high of around $64,863.10 on April 14, 2021, many people regretted not becoming early adopters in 2009 when the price was just nothing.

Those who missed out on the opportunity regretted not getting involved with the BTC enthusiasts who acquired the coin that was essentially worth nothing.
It is important to perceive the potential for growth and prosperity with Hive, much like the story of Bitcoin.

This understanding will act as a motivator to maintain your engagement and investment in the platform. Adopting an investor mindset while utilizing the Hive platform can be greatly beneficial, as it encourages an active and goal-oriented approach to participation.

By thinking about the potential return on investment in the future and actively working towards increasing one's earnings and account growth, one is more likely to make astute decisions and seize opportunities to expand one's influence and income within the platform.

Furthermore, an investor mindset will aid in keeping a focus on long-term goals and avoiding becoming absorbed in short-term market fluctuations.With all that I've learned, I hope to light a fire under a lot of people to keep pushing forward."


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