Have you ever wondered why there is day and night?" Well I have and that is because there was this time of my life when I so much enjoyed watching movies and I just wish that the night never comes, it should just be day all through the 24 hours and so on. Mind you, I'm someone that don't joke with her resting hours, I literally love sleeping right from the beginning, hehe. I remember the days when my aunt will always want us to rest in the afternoon instead of playing so our brains can rest a little bit from the studies after school but my siblings and I always prefer going to see a movie instead.


Then we had a TV but we only had music cassettes which we are already tired of seeing and since we hardly get electricity then, we loved going to our neighbors' to see a movie. That was the time when the series called Merlin was invoke, now you can understand a little while we prefer going for the movies than resting at home. This was the only time of my life when I did not like my sleep but then with time, I got to see the benefits of resting in the afternoon but unfortunately for me, it was kind of already too late. I now start having so many things to do that I even started having some nights when resting was a luxury that I couldn't afford.


But due to my undying love for my sleep, I tried as much as I could to go to bed once sleep set's in and now that is a problem for me, lol. Sleep is something that comes to me anytime at all, once I just feel like sleeping I start feeling sleepy and I'm the one who is now looking for a way to reduce my love for sleep. Most times because of my sleeping habits, I do feel like I'm the most laziest person ever. I could be doing something very important and before I know what's going on, I already slept off, it's really frustrating at times though but I'm still happy because I do know how hard it is for some people to fall asleep and I don't think I would prefer that.
Sleeping has so much benefits for me even though it is hindering me from achieving some things but like I said, I still prefer it. There are days when I'm feeling sad and lonely, the first thing I always love doing is listen to a good music which helps my mood and with time I start feeling sleepy and immediately I sleep off I think less. I've heard a couple of times that most dreams we have are as a result of the thoughts flowing through our minds, I'm not sure how true is that but it does happen to me. When I go to sleep after thinking about something for a long time without clearing it off my mind, I get these silly dreams that mostly get me worried but then that doesn't happen too often because I mostly like clearing off my head before going to bed.
Now I'm in a place where I shouldn't be sleeping more but I still end up sleeping even more but I know it is because of how stressful my day normally goes and how homey my place is, lol. I easily fall asleep at comfortable places and my place is just too comfortable for me but I don't have any where else to go to so I only have one option and that is for me to fight with nature which we all know is almost impossible but still possible, hehe, I'm holding on to the little possibility and I just hope I can reduce my sleeping because now I have an exam to read for and I will have to fight this sleep as much as I can.
So far, this is a little about my sleep story and I can keep this going but I will have to stop here so you don't get too bored here, hehe. This is actually a Challenge going on in the community and will be ending by weekend, so don't hesitate to share your sleep story with us too. @ksam I think you will have so much to share with us but I don't know if you will be chanced to give us the genesis to revelation if your sleeping life. You can get the full details of the post HERE.

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 2 months ago  

Hello dear @hopestylist ✌️😇

There are really two types of children it seems to me, those who like to sleep and those who don't like it at all and don't understand why you have to do it. I too used to belong to the second category, until I understood and now adore this activity which is as essential and vital as breathing or drinking water !

I thank you for your personal story about sleep and it is so true that our needs in this area really depend on what our day was like before the night, our physical and mental activities as well as our degree of fatigue !

Thanks again and see you soon :)

You are absolutely right, there will always be those two set of children and in the end we will get to know why sleep is as important as it is.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your contribution, I'm grateful 🤗.

 2 months ago  

You're most welcome dear :D

I'm maybe a bit late haha ! Have a good week ahead 😘

It's fine to be late in this case but don't end up not showing up at all, hehe.

Have a great weekend friend 🥰

 last month  

Haha, no, I always react, even if it's late :D

Thanks you, I wish you the same, be well ✌️😘

Yeah you always do and I so much admire you for that 🥰

 last month  

You're kind ! This is important for me, always a pleasure, even if it takes a lot of time too :D

Have a good coming week dear 😘

Have you ever wondered why there is day and night?

Yes, I have thought about it several times and I got one answer every time. The answer is there can't be the existence of day only without night and night can't exist only without day. Both exist in pairs.

I'm the one who is now looking for a way to reduce my love for sleep.

It's a common nature of most of us which makes us lazy but it's not a problem because I think it mostly depends on other work. If you have many things to do, then those work won't allow you to sleep how you want.

That's true, the sleep runs away when you have so much pile of things to do but that doesn't mean we do not feel sleepy though.

Thank you so much for your contribution partner, you have made a beautiful contribution.

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I think we have a lot of things in common.
When I went to stay at my aunt’s for holiday, she always forced us to sleep but it was like torture too me. I don’t know if it is all the Aunt,lol
I don’t really sleep in the afternoon always I’m feeling sick.

And Merlin .. we used to watch it at my neighbor’s too 😹. It was lit.

Sleep is really important tho. And as we age I think we have more responsibility that make us deny sleep a lil

Hehe, I'm happy to know we have so much in common. I don't think all aunts are like that though, it's just the ones that like us that are like that, lol.

It's was just so fun seeing that movie called Merlin abeg, especially the introduction part, haha.


It's good to sleep no matter how inconvenient it makes us, because our body will rest and feel good again so sleep is very good for the body

That's right, we need sleep to make our bodies feel renewed always, hehe. Thank you so much for stopping by ma

That's feeling of "the most lazy person in the world" is totally relatable. Funny fact is, if you're living with your parents, they won't hesitate to spell it out that you're sleeping too much.

The worst now happens if you're a lady, they'd probably assume that you're pregnant but still sleep is peaceful. Sleep is sleep.

Haha, that's true, thank you for relating so well with my story, hehe

It's always a pleasure ✨

I'm honored 🥰


Good morning and have a great weekend!

Thanks for the well wishes.
Do have a splendid weekend too ✨

I have wondered why there is day and night and it all boils down to life being two-faced. Amazingly, you can sleep in places you find comfort and that is interesting.

Yeah, that's true. Thank you for stopping by 🥰

Very interesting perspective!
I have a good relationship with sleep now but growing up I think your situation was similar to mine.
After school my mum would force us to go to bed in the afternoon but I never felt the need to sleep. This habit of not sleeping followed me to secondary school, I would always be awake during siesta period.
And now as an adult I wish I could fall asleep in the afternoons sometimes because I would love to be awake at night too.
But I can't because of my habit.
But I am gradually learning to get some sleep in when I can.

Nice article.

I'm happy you are working on it because being able to sleep when you want to is just the best 🥰. God will help us 😇.

Thank you so much for finding delight in this piece 😌

Omoh. Sleeping would always be the best medicine especially after stress. Even during stress sef, I can just off!

Hahaha, as in ehn, you enter class 😅

It looks like sleeping is something you find very easy to do but not the same for me because I struggle to sleep and it renders me useless when I am unable to sleep properly.

Being a light sleeper I get disturbed at every slight sound I hear while sleeping. It is a good thing to have a proper sleep always, you feel refreshed and ready to go on with life.

Eya, those light sleepers are the ones that suffers most, me I enjoy sleeping in noisy environments as long as the sound is not directly for me not to fall asleep, hehe.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope things gets better for you.

Sleep is very good for the body. I remember those days when I was little, when my parents ask me to go and sleep, I cry. I looked at sleeping as a punishment, especially when every other person is awake. Right now I sleep but wish my sleep time could be extended. Haha. Finding time to sleep even if 20minutes every afternoon is good for the soul coupled with another 4-6 hrs of night sleep.

Like the saying, you never know what you have until you lose it, hehe.

I'm not a sleeping type of person and I thought I was being a strong girl! It got into me when my friends would always say that sleeping is a waste of time. Then it was my routine to not sleep well until I made a research about it and I discovered that I was literally depriving myself a good health which also has a potential benefits for the skin.

Sleeping is good but too much of it is a problem, we have to balance it up to get the best out of it.

I'm glad you made your own findings, thank you so much for tuning in, hehe. Have a great day!