Project L.I.B.R.O | Christmas Party for the Pupils of Amancion Elementary School

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Hello everyone!

In the spirit of Christmas, I want to accumulate 500 HBD for the planned Christmas Party for the pupils of Amancion Elementary School. Here are the details:

What: Christmas Party

When: December 28, 2022
Where: Amancion Elementary School in Catmon, Cebu, Philippines
Beneficiaries: About 40 pupils

The plan is to acquire 500 HBD for the Christmas Party, but any amount accumulated from this post will do. As always been done in my previous fundraising campaigns, accounting, and full transparency report will be posted after the event. Queenie is back from New Zealand and pledged for the meals, so we didn't have to worry about that. The 500 HBD will be used to buy raincoats and boots for the children. And if the amount is reached, any excess will be used to purchase school supplies. For now, we targeted raincoats and boots because that's what the teachers have been requesting during our consultation.

Education is a right for most of us, but some can say that education is more of a privilege.

I witnessed first-hand the struggles of children as young as 5 years old in going to school, especially during the rainy season. Some of them would walk for miles in the mountains and cross creeks and rivers just to reach the school. They don't have raincoats and boots, so they often put all their belongings in a plastic bag. They only change into their uniforms once they reach the school.

I am knocking at your hearts on behalf of the children of Amancion for any amount. Donations in HIVE and HBD are very much appreciated, but your upvotes and reblogs will also go a long way. I actually need 400 HBD to be exact because @martibis sent me 100 HBD last October specifically for Project LIBRO. I was about to donate the amount to USCChES (University of San Carlos Chemical Engineering Society) for Tabla Elementary School, but I decided to hold it after knowing that Queenie will go to Amancion Elementary School.

I briefly introduced Project LIBRO last 2017 in the previous chain, but I decided not to make any fundraising campaign for the project because I still don't have that credibility back then and I don't want the project to be tarnished. It's our pet project and we have won national awards as an organization because of that project. Queenie conceptualized the project and I have been with her as support ever since. If you want to know more about the project, you can read this post: Introducing a Project that Changed My View of the World: Project L.I.B.R.O.

Project LIBRO won't just choose any school in Cebu. It should be that the school is situated in far-flung communities that are often overlooked. For example, to get to Amancion Elementary School, you have to ride a motorcycle for 1 hour and 30 minutes from Carmen proper to barangay Caurasan and then walk for 4-5 hours on a path along the mountains of Carmen and Catmon. There was no road before, but the teachers said it's easier now because there's a road from Catmon to barangay Amancion.

Project LIBRO is not just about establishing libraries in elementary schools to excite the reader in every child. It's also about aiding the learning of the pupils, especially in those far-flung communities. That's why the main goal of this campaign is to provide raincoats and boots for the pupils.

I hope I can gather as much support to reach the goal. If you have questions about the project, please don't hesitate to message me. You can read in my previous posts some of my successful fundraising campaigns. Again, your direct donations, upvotes, and reblogs will go a long way.

All rewards of this post will go to the project. That's why I'm setting as 100% beneficiary.

You are really doing a great job keep it up. God bless you 😊🙏🎆

Thank you for your donation! Can't wait to go to Amancion tomorrow.

 3 months ago  

I really want to support projects and donations like this! Thank you for your kindest hearts, friends!

Thank you for your donation! Will provide an update soon!

What a great idea to make these children happy! It's good that there are people like you who care and want things to be a little fairer for everyone. Those children have had enough having to attend school in such conditions, and making the conditions in which they do so a little easier will be a great gift for them ❣️.

I hope you can reach your goal and that they end the year with a smile on their faces. Thanks for taking care of them :)

Thank you so much for the donation! I'm confident that the goal will be met. There are people like you who are willing to help. I really appreciate it!

This is a wonderful project and I’m happy to support it. I hope you get everything you need to help get those children what they deserve and need. Thanks for reaching out to your Hive Fam for support! 😊

Thank you for the donation and support! So far, Hive never failed me in my campaigns like this in the past. Truly blessed to have people like you.

Awww of course! 😉

Hive has been such a blessing to many people. It’s always good seeing when the community pulls together to support a needed cause such as this ~

Thanks for allowing for us to be a part of this great Project. Can't wait to see pictures!

Thank you for your donations! I'll make sure to document everything.

I'm a bit late for the party, but sending my contribution now, if you don't mind. God bless you and good luck with the project.

You're not late at all! Thank you for your donation!

Awww, God bless your generous heart, Kim. Perhaps it is an excellent project in far-flung areas. I know the struggles of the schools in this area, and just like what you have mentioned, the little kids need those boots and raincoats as every day, they pass mountainous areas, rivers, and creeks. Project LIBRO would boost the DepEd project that every child must be a reader, which will help during a DEAR time, “Drop Everything and Read.” And the school will be the happiest with your great initiative and my salute.

Thank you! Perhaps I'm doing this because I have experienced those struggles before. I was a scholar so I know I wouldn't reach whatever I have now without those people and institutions who helped me. It's always about paying it forward and I know education is a good way to do that. I tried to make everything about the beneficiaries because they're the highlight of any charity, but at the end of the day, it will always go back to why I am doing these things. I'll always say that I was helped, so it's my time to help.

Wow! Your great story is such an inspiration to many students. If I were the school head of the institution, surely I would invite you as an inspirational speaker during Convocation programs and commencement exercises. You are worthy of emulation, and your journey inspires me. Continue to be a blessing to everyone and all kids out there. May they always look up to you as an inspiration to keep going despite the struggles and challenges they are experiencing daily in the hinterlands, and indeed they experience the worst. Certainly, you are a diamond, pressured through time, and came out with excellent characteristics. I always love to hear great stories like these and become who you are now reflecting the brighter side of life. More power and more lives to touch. !LUV !PIZZA

Truly you have a big heart for the students who are in need. May the Lord will bless you a thousandfold and the donors of the project you have. I hope and pray that it will be realized with God's divine providence. Stay safe and God bless.

Thank you for your kind words! Hive has been a great avenue for me to share my advocacies and so far, it never failed to meet the goals. I am truly blessed to be in this platform.

You inspired me indirectly then. Stay safe and God bless.

I am so blessed to have crossed someone like you Kim! You are one of a kind! You use your influence, talent and wit to do things like this. I remember doing this outreach program with you and indayclara before. It was all fun and very fulfilling!

Good luck in this fundraising and the upcoming Christmas Party!

Yeah! It was in an orphanage in Cebu. It was fun! Good times. Hopefully naa nasad ta ingon ato na Hive exclusive.

Yes. Hopefully jud.

I hope that many kids will be given a chance to have a library where they can read and learn, your project is really a good idea.

Thank you! We already established a library in Amancion Elementary School and the children are using it. But we don't leave our beneficiary schools. We always come back and consult on ways that we can help them.

May God bless you more and all the people who are helping these children in need. More power!

Such a wonderful project @ybanezkim26 😁😎
Merry Christmas… (almost)

Thank you @littlebee4! I think it will become a tradition for me to make a fundraising campaign every December. Merry Christmas!

You are welcome @ybanezkim26 😊👋🏻 That’s wonderful.
Will keep an eye out for it every December 😁
Thank you, Merry Christmas 🎄

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God knows your desire po for those students in need and surely He will pour all the blessings and answered prayer. God bless 😇

Thank you! They deserve all the help they need.

What an incredible person you are, I hope you can reach the goal, all for the education and benefit of these children, they are the future at the end of the day, blessings to you always! <3

Thank you! I'm just paying it forward. Besides, it's the donors who should be recognized.

I wish the best in the world to all of you. ✌🏼

Thank you so much!

It is a good projects dear the children smile mean everything keep it up brother

Yes! Thank you!


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Mine is not that big hope to add to your 500hbd goal before the 28th for the Christmas party.
Buutan jud ka sir, si Lord ang magbless sa imohang mga Plano sa kinabuhi.😇🙏🥰

Many many happy and returns of the day again and again.

Excente trabajo traer alegría a los niños se les ve en sus caras me encanta 💖💕♥️

Excellent job bringing joy to the children you can see it on their faces I love it 💖💕♥️

Thank you! It's the donors who should be applauded.

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Thank you!

This is an excellent and meaningful project. All the best with the program for the kids.

I love the initiative you had with this school and I'm even happier to see that you are close enough to reaching your goal. Keeping my fingers crossed to get to the finish of it, soon!

Great job for a beautiful cause, God bless you and merry Christmas.


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It is a very good idea to help these children. You are doing a noble work. May god give you more strength.❣️

Thank you so much!

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That's a big help to those children. Can't wait to see their happy faces after receiving those raincoats and boots. I'm sure they will surely be happy and grateful to have you as a provider for their needs. And I can see you reach your goal HBD. Good job. 😻

Got your post on @dreemport.

I can't wait to see their happy faces too!

This is really a great idea and thanks to all that contributed immensely.
I wish you goodluck in the planning and execution of this task.

Popped in via @dreemport

Thank you! Glad to have Hive as my support in everything that I do.

God Bless you Abundantly 🙏 for this Good work
Reading from @dreemport

Thank you!

You are highly welcome 😁

You are highly welcome 😁

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I found your legit post thanks to a copycat plagiarist. Have an upvote for the real thing.

Thanks to that plagiarist whoever that is. 😁

here it is, going nowhere fast.

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