HIVE PH donates 35,000 pesos to Typhoon Odette Victims

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It's exactly a month since Super Typhoon Odette struck the Philippines. Places like Siargao, Bohol, and Cebu were hit hard. Total devastation. Most of the local Hivers here in Cebu have done their part to reach out to other victims and provide help right after the calamity. Then Christmas and New Year went by and some were able to celebrate them, some didn't. To be honest, it feels like it's been a long time as days fly by so fast.

Power and communication lines have slowly been fixed in some areas here at our place. Most people in the city now have access to water. No more long queues at water refilling and gasoline stations. It looks like things have gone back to normal here in the city but if you head over to rural areas, people are still having a hard time rebuilding their homes. The government has promised monetary and other forms of aid to the victims and this we have yet to experience. Most of the time it's fellow individuals, private groups, and NGOs that have been actively providing donations and relief goods.


Speaking of private groups, our Filipino Hive community HIVE PH also initiated a donation drive for the Odette victims. A total of PPH 35,000 or USD 700 was accumulated and turned over last January 03, 2022, for distribution. As agreed, half was disbursed to our fellow Filipino Hivers who needed it the most, and the other half was allotted to victims who were non-Hivers.



There were 5 Hivers who were recipients of PHP 3,500 respectively. Some of the financial aid was individually sent to their Gcash accounts last January 05, 2022, as they were located in far-off places. Jaya from @thegoodbi was able to meet up in person to receive the cash donation.



TOTAL : PHP 17,500


Besides trying to go back to our personal lives, deciding on what to do with the rest of the funds was hard. Doing donation drives or relief operations is a tedious job and sometimes can turn out to be complicated. Thus, the reason for the delay of this update. There were several options and one was to buy roofing materials and distribute them to those living in the mountains whose houses were severely damaged. However, the logistics prove to be hard as supplies were running low and prices were twice as the original. There were still ongoing clearing and fixing on roads too. Reaching the mountains would also be difficult and it would require us to rent a truck.


My close friend Tina.

Days passed until motivation and inspiration came. A close friend who got her house wiped out by the sea during the typhoon was residing at a school -turned-evacuation center in Alegria, Cebu. 18 families were staying there including hers who were still struggling to rebuild their houses. The essential items that were needed at the moment were pillows, blankets, sleeping, mats, solar lights, and food. Knowing all these, it became clear that making these 18 families as beneficiaries and reaching their location was feasible for us to do.

Initial planning was done two days before dispatch. Buying and packing of the said materials were done a day before. Finding transport was the hard part. Good thing, an uncle lent his vehicle for us to use. The driver who was hired canceled at the last minute but @chillwithshanna's uncle stepped in as a replacement. Somehow, everything fell into place and by January 14, 2022, Friday, we ventured onto the south of Cebu to turn over the relief goods.



Each family received 2 pillows, 2 pillow cases, and 1 sleeping mat.





Inclusions of the bag of groceries are as follows: 2 kilos if rice, 1 loaf of bread, 4 canned goods, 2 packs of noodles.

It was a long drive to Alegria, 5 hours to be exact. Arriving at Alangasil Elementary School, we were greeted by the families there. Opening remarks were done as per request by @chillwithshanna before distributing the sleeping materials and relief bags to their rooms together with @ybanezkim26. After which, we spent some 30 minutes with Tina to exchange our Typhoon Odette stories. Her family had to run in the middle of the night while Odette was unleashing her wrath and the sea devoured their home which was standing near the sea. Now, a common sad story for most families there.

The 18 families were all grateful for the goods they received especially the sleeping materials as it usually gets very cold there at night. Seeing their smiles were already good enough. We didn't stay long as it was yet another long drive going back to the city, 7 hours to be exact.


Unloading of relief goods..


Impromptu opening remarks.


The heads of per household were out fixing their damaged houses so the wives were the ones to receive the donations.


As the school was a small one, there were 4 to 5 families sharing one classroom.


I, Tina, @chillwithshanna, and @ybanezkim26.

We would like to express our gratitude to @romeskie, @tpkidkai, @adamada, and the rest of the HIVE PH community for entrusting us this project. Using @chillwithshanna's words, we were only instruments for making it happen. No words can describe how grateful we are to those of you who helped HIVE PH raise the donation funds.


As mentioned above, a total of Php 17,500 were given to Filipino Hivers. This transparency report will revolve around the remaining Php 17,500 that was used to buy the relief goods for the beneficiaries in Alegria.


TOTAL : PHP 17,500












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In this Hive you will earn more and everyone's future will be bright inshallah, hope so
Thank you

I am really very proud and grateful to everyone that worked behind the scenes to make all this possible. Thank you so much @indayclara for volunteering to distribute the donations. You have such a beautiful heart. May you be showered with more blessings. And to everyone that helped too. You guys are amazing.

Thank you so much mi rome! I need more blessings indeed para mka travel na balik and magka lovelife! 🤣

You can see the smile on their faces how grateful they are. Truly a blessing to give hope to those people who have been greatly affected. I hope that charity work will continue with or without calamities. 😊


Indeed, small or big acts really doesn't matter as long as one can reach out and help those in need without asking in return.

Totally agree with that, hoping to see a lot of acts of kindness not only in hive but around the world. 😊

The humanity I see on this blockchain never fails to uplift or inspire me!!!

Sending prayers and light and courage to all the brave Hivers and their families in PH as they begin the huge job of rebuilding.

Thank you for your kind words @artemislives! I truly agree that Hive changes lives!

It will probably take us months or probably years to have our place completely back on track but I know we are looking at a bright future.

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Thank you for this initiative. Yes, I am bless to receive it. I will be writing soon about my part of the donation, its not final yet because we are waiting for the 'panday'schedule.

You are most welcome @amayphin! I hope the small amount will help you rebuild your home.

Thank you so much for all your efforts and for initiating this donation drive! Indeed it has helped several victims of the calamity. Once again we are grateful for your generosity. Stay safe 🤗🥺❤️

It was the Hive PH community who initiated this drive and raised the funds! We were merely doing the operations on ground. 😊

Oh alright but still we are grateful for extending your help to those in need🤗 take care!!

You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for your efforts in helping our community, fellow or non-fellow Hivers! You guys helped a lot of people through this difficult time and crisis! God bless you all!

This calamity has truly shown what "bayanihan" really is all about without relying on external forces. Indeed it is heartwarming to see a lot of Hivers reaching out to help those affected by Odette including you. So thank you too!

Its the least and the best we can do in this situation.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Aside from sharing hobbies in this blogging platform you can help anyone. And this is the best blogging platform that I encounter

I truly agree that Hive is the best blogging platform ever!

Now this is transparency! 💓

Thank you at bigla kang nabuhay. 🤣 Hoy, always baya ko naay transparency report and thank you for acknowledging. This is my third. Lisud na. Integrity is at stake.

Great job. A heart that still helps in times of adversity is scarce. God bless all of those who have their hands in making this possible, all of you have a kind heart. God bless you all. My prayers go to you. Keep safe.

Thank you @afterglow! We appreciate your kind words. This calamity have definitely pushed people to act out of compassion as it is needed the most during this time.

You're welcome (^_^)

God bless Hive Community. Great people with big hearts. You inspire me more. Stay safe.

Thank you Leray! Appreciate your kind words.

You're welcome miss @indayclara.☺️

Thank you so much for the donation, @hiveph, and for taking the time to personally give it to me, @indayclara . It really helped us a lot. ❤️ -Jaya

You are most welcome! Dala nato laag akoa oe. haha.

Amazing! Goes to see that HIVE is not all about the games and NFTs about it. We can also help a lot of people in need! A very transparent one too! Let's help each other, no matter how big or small it is! I hope we can rebuild Visayas sooner! Prayers to you all!

Hive is indeed so much more really! What I really appreciate here the most is more genuine and authentic people joining the platform!

It'sss such wonderful good deeds. God bless to those people who shared their blessings to the people who suffered from the typhoon odette.

Thank you @mommyswag! I truly believe blessings will definitely come around to those who have helped us here.

Thank you so much @indayclara and to all filipino hivers in HivePH for this donation drive. Although I can't withdraw the funds I have received just yet but Im still happy to have received some donation that i can use as soon as I can withdraw it. It will really help a lot especially from my losses in the Typhoon.

You are welcome @pinkhub.