Are you Fight or Flight?

in Lifestyle2 months ago

I posted recently about this series I was watching on netflix called All of us are Dead. I guess you can call it a 'zombie' show, even though these zombies are very different from the well known slow moving, undead, shoot em in the head kind. But that isn't what this post is about so don't let me get side-tracked here..

The story focuses on a group of high school students, but finally they get some help when the father of one of the girls shows up. He is a first responder (a fireman I think). Shortly after he arrives (like a minute after) a zombie comes stumbling fast around the corner..

Now.. to say the different characters have different reactions (just look at those faces) is putting it mildly. Some people (most I think, and it probably keeps the majority alive and breathing) would think RUN, some might freeze like a deer in headlights, and a few people will choose to FIGHT!

The dad is moving in just a split second.. straight TOWARDS the zombie!

He sprints the short distance, drops his level to target the zombie's leg, and..

Raises back up, flipping the zombie to the ground, grabs the zombie's foot, turns it about 90 degrees, and disables the mobility of that zombie. (still a threat to be sure, if you get too close to it, but this is the only way I've seen someone on the show deal (as in take out) a zombie other that running away or pushing it away.

I'm not saying he had the smartest or best reaction to that situation, but it sure was cool! and I would like to think I could come up with a solution like that. :P

(who am I kidding.. I am way too slow to try and run like that, but maybe I could find another way to disable those zombies..)