Throwback To My Malaria Research Project [ENG-ESP]

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Hello everyone, I'm so excited to participate in this week's Throwback Thursday. I really appreciate @Jesuslnrs and his team for their initiative in setting up an awesome community like this.

Hola a todos, estoy muy emocionado de participar en el Throwback Thursday de esta semana. Realmente aprecio a @Jesuslnrs y su equipo por su iniciativa de crear una comunidad increíble como esta.

This week, I will be doing a throwback to the malaria research project I embarked on a few months ago. It was taskful but I'm so happy that it contributed to knowledge

Esta semana haré un retroceso al proyecto de investigación sobre la malaria en el que me embarqué hace unos meses. Fue una tarea difícil pero estoy muy feliz de que haya contribuido al conocimiento.

Malaria is a common disease in Africa that affects different age groups either children or adults and it is majorly transmitted by mosquitoes.

La malaria es una enfermedad común en África que afecta a diferentes grupos de edad, ya sean niños o adultos, y se transmite principalmente por mosquitos.

The purpose of this research is to understand the prevalence of malaria infection among different age group and to identify ways of eradicating the disease.

El propósito de esta investigación es comprender la prevalencia de la infección por malaria entre diferentes grupos de edad e identificar formas de erradicar la enfermedad.

The research was conducted at University teaching Hospital Ibadan, Nigeria and i did the molecular analysis at Bowen University, Nigeria.
It was an exciting moment for me, the research exposed me to new things, and i was able to met new scholars in the field of Science.

La investigación se realizó en el Hospital Universitario de Ibadan, Nigeria, y yo hice el análisis molecular en la Universidad Bowen, Nigeria.
Fue un momento emocionante para mí, la investigación me expuso a cosas nuevas y pude conocer nuevos académicos en el campo de la ciencia.

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I love the way you speak. you are well outspoken. You have done a good research. We need more people like you in our society. Weldon dear.

Awwnnn🥰🥰.....Thanks dear

Thank you for contributing to the body of knowledge to advance the course of malaria research for a lasting cure. Kudos 👏

Thanks for the compliment. I really appreciate it.

Hello! Thank you for participating in #tbt Thursdays. Your memory today is beautiful and with pictures that make us live your bliss in those moments. You can't imagine how I admire the people on Hive who follow tips and improve their content day by day, it is pleasing for me to discover that you are one of them. Your video is very good my dear, congratulations for narrating your experiences with so much love. Today I want to suggest that the background music does not sound so loud in your vlogs, you can put less volume to make it a caress and a happy base for those who enjoy your videos. Thank you for being here, I send you a sincere hug!. ❤️

Thank you so much..... I will put that into consideration in my next post.