This Is My Entry For What $1000 Value Is For Me 💵

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At first I wanted to say thank you @bhattg for share interested this #iucontest. $1000 in Cambodia is a big money. Our people usually get $ 150 to $ 300 a month. Workers earn $ 6.25 cents a day to $ 7.25 cents a day. But for the goods on the market, everything is going up, especially the price of oil. It makes people difficult in their daily lives and has a lot of complaints. Among them are our families who are having family economic problems.


What Is $1000 Value For Me.

If I have $1000 for right now I’ll to buy a motorcycle for take my two daughters to school. We have only a Tuk-Tuk and two weeks ago it’s broken and made my two daughters can’t to school for two days. They are so unhappy and talked a lot about that and my husband and I unhappy too.

We starting about to buy a old motorcycle for when our Tuk-Tuk have any problems and motorcycles use less gasoline than tuk-tuks, and now gasoline is cheaper than diesel. The school our children go to is 28 km from our house, it is far and we have to spend a lot of money to buy diesel because our tuk tuk has more than 400 engines.


If I have money left over from buying a used motorbike, I will buy some temporary crops and plant them on my new land.


There is a saying, I always hear people in my country say that "money can not buy true love" Yes, this word is correct, but without money can not bring true love to life and happiness. Love is important and money is important but money is not more important than the sincere love and encouragement we have for each other. Money is important for something or more, but not all, etc.

However, I do not think money is more important than motivation. Money helps us solve many problems but also causes us many problems from money also. Money makes people laugh, and money makes people cry because of money. That’s just my personal opinion. I wish you all have a lot of love with happiness and more money 💵.


Monkey B

That is a fair distance for your children to have to go for school especially if you consider that its 28 km one way and you have to do that twice a day!. I do hope that you are soon able to get the motorcycle transport that you wish for to assist your family. I feel very fortunate that my children go to school about 5 kms away.My eldest will be starting high school in September and his new school is about 10 km away. I will be driving the return trip twice a day, so I can empathise with you. I saw your post shared by @riverflows on Dreemport !ALIVE

I'm glad your child's school is nearby. We just got a motorcycle from PP city. Thank you so much for your comment and visit my post. Have a great day.

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Money can also be a good motivation. The presence of it is the reason why people can afford to do what they want to do and the absence of it is the reason why a lot are so discouraged and not willing to continue with life. Money is good. It may not buy love or happiness but it sure makes it easier to come by.

I do hope you have enough money to buy the motorbike so your girls can be back to school. Wishing you all the best.

That’s very true! We just got a motorcycle. Many thanks. Have a great day.

Sorry to read about your daughters missing school when your Tuk Tuk got broken. $1000 is definitely a great help especially nowadays that prices of things are high. Good luck to you on the contest!
Came thru Dreemport :)

I hope so. Thank you so much 😊

I hope @sreypov's wishes come true quickly, and your two daughters can always go to school smoothly. Greetings from me to all of them.

Give thanks 🙏🏻 I just got a motorcycle. Have a beautiful day.

thanks, enjoy using it.👍

Nice to meet you about your 1000 dollar worth. It's nice to know that you want to buy a motorcycle. Thanks

Each person has many things we need in life, but the most important thing right now for us is a motorbike to take our children to school. Thank you too 😊

It's very true that money cannot buy love, but it can buy food! And in your case a motorcycle.

Yes, it’s important for me right now. Thank you for stopping by.

Sorry to learn about your daughter being disconnected from their school for such a reason. I wish they should be enjoying a good time with their books and class fellows soon.

It's right that money can become the ladder which can sort out the life difficulties. If we want to attain prosperity at least we can struggle to defeat all the money-related barriers.
Will you agree??

Lots of love for your daughters, Dreemport delivered me here .🤗🌺

I agree with you, it’s right! Thank you so much for your kind words.

I'm sorry to hear that your tuk tuk is broken and that inflation is making fuel expensive. 28 km is a long way to go to school - well, not too far if you have a car. 1000 goes much further there than here. However it's still a lot of money even here. But this is what I get paid per week if I was working full time. So it's definitely relative.

Yea it’s not too far if we have a car but if we have a car we need to spend a lot of money more than Tuk Tuk. Thank you for stopping by 😊

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hi hi.. @Sreypov wow.. a really nice post about what you would spend with $1000 USD. It's great to hear that everything is for the family. =)

Thank you so much my dear for your kind words.

Money makes life easier in my opinion. It solves problems that would have given you headaches if you didn't have enough money to sort them out.

I hope that soon, you'll have the money to buy the bike for your children so they can return to school. And then get those crops and plant them as well. I wish you luck in the contest.

That’s right! Give thanks 🙏🏻

Yay! 🤗
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I love this contest theme because it's so faszinating how different the worth of job time and expenses is all around the world.

Yes, it’s true. We can know more about other countries.

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Thanks 😊