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Hey everyone!

We have so much going on that I think I need to break this update up into multiple posts. Expect another one in the next few days! I wanted to take a few moments today to share some of the work we've done recently to scale the project and our back-end capabilities and some information about a service we're offering!

Witness Update

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    We are still working extremely hard to reach out goal of Top 50 HIVE Witnesses by the end of 2022! We want to thank each and every one of you for your continued and growing support as we champion for HIVE together through the PIZZA project. If you have an extra vote and have not considered the PIZZA project, please do and reach out if you have any questions!


Server Updates

We have several physical servers racked in data centers and have been working to expand PIZZA resources and back-end development environments. This includes provisioning a new Xeon server to facilitate scaling some of our services and increasing speed and response times. We're excited to be able to step up our total monitoring game with more power available and to dive further into areas such as DLUX and SPKCC which we've been assisting with in various ways.

We are now helping to support, running nodes, and building tools for:

@pizza.witness (Hive)
@pizza-engine (Hive-Engine)
@pizza.spk (SpkNetwork)
@pizza.duat (Ragnarok)
@pizza-dlux (DLUX)

Now Setting-Up Community Front-Ends

These updates and changes allowed us to increase focus in some of the services areas we hoped to explore this year such as hosting or initial setup services.

One of the areas we dove into was breakaway communities and are now successfully running several breakaway community front-ends based on SPKCC for and for Scholar & Scribe. If you're familiar with Ecency, you will be super familiar with the style and options available to you including Keychain functionality and wallets.

If you have a HIVE community and would like to have your own dedicated place for it similar to Ecency, please reach out to @thebeardflex to discuss our incredibly reasonable / competitive rates and options available to get your community front-end online.

You can view and test the PIZZA and S&S community front-ends here:

Game Server Updates

We also took this time to rebuild our core game server and redeploy some instances that needed a freshen-up if you will.

  • We've launched a fresh instance of the new Minecraft 1.19 "Into the Wilds" update on a pure vanilla server.
  • We've also relaunched our RUST server with no mods, offering a pure vanilla experience.

While we will definitely roll our mods back out we wanted to enjoy the vanilla experience for this rotation!

Connection Info:

  • We've updated the domain for Minecraft to
  • Join our Rust server by:
    • Hitting F1 when your game fully loads
    • Type connect and hit enter!

We hope to see you guys online and have a few community events scheduled for each server in the next week or two! You can learn more about our community events by joining our Discord server!


  • Those of you who know the PIZZA team are probably familiar with our favorite saying, "HIVE is beautiful". Some of you have probably even seen the visualizer tool @hivetrending created to showcase just how beautiful HIVE can be! You can now find that tool easily located over at! There are a few additional updates since we last mentioned it along with a legend at the top to assist with a few unknown abbreviations! Let us know if you'd like to see any updates!



Consider helping our onboarding and curation initiatives by delegating your HP to our curation account. Not only does it help our project grow, but you will farm your share of the daily $PIZZA delegation rewards pool! Delegation rewards are paid out in liquid form to your wallet each day.

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We're almost 5,000 members strong

Are you a part of the Pizza Guild yet?

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Need friends! on the MC and RUST server...... come join me

Pick me, pick me!

By the way...found a spot for a new base. Now I just need to decide which design to go with this time around! My lack of time requires minimal resource needs for upkeep!


Congratulations on your achievements!

You are doing an amazing amount of developement on the HIve blockchain.
Hive reminds me of early steemit with so many people building projects it was hard to keep track.
I am impressed with the proliferation of alternative front ends.
Competition is good for price and quality, so bravo.

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Thank you so much! We're working super hard to build some cool new value propositions for HIVE and building a safe and energetic onboarding hub through PIZZA!



awesome update and thanks for it.


YOU are awesome my good sir dk!


Thanks for the update. Hive is beautiful, but so if !PIZZA. Keep up the good work

Thank you so much, @theacks! I appreciate you reading!


Keep the awesome rolling out!
!GIG pizza party

We're not stoppin'!


Great job guys and that support role we fur fill at the moment will pay off big time in the future. In the mean time ill just keep accumulating pizza at these prices. Now its a waiting game for D&D haha, you know i love you bud !PIZZA

Thanks for the updates. Looks like you're getting stronger and stronger. I don't know how you find the time. 😁


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It really just comes down to time management and an extreme passion for what I do! This usually motivates me to continue working through lack of sleep, haha.



Why do astronauts use Linux?
Because they can’t open windows in space.

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Always good to get updates - love that the Pizza token is so well supported!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read and provide feedback! It's very appreciated!



Too much lol

Pizza is always evolving and I'm glad to see it grow and become better then ever before


And you know we love having our Spardan leading the Za troops into battle!


Amazing progress for the !PIZZA project. Glad to see so many great things happening!

Thank you for reading Shauner! It's great to hear from you!



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Lots of good stuff brewing! Nice work!
Sorry, just curious, what's RUST? Only playable via PC?