Syma #5, noisy place

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Syma #5 Painted painted 3 November 2022
It was noisy, we painted during the week and the construction site in full operation....

Es war laut, wir haben unter der Woche gemalt und die Baustelle in vollem Betrieb....


If you stepped back, which you often do when painting, you had to watch out not to be run over by a car. No chilled place to paint.

Wenn man zurücktrat, was man ja oft macht bei einem Bild, musste man aufpassen nicht von einem Auto überfahren zu werden. Kein gechilltet Platz zum malen.


Weekends would be better, is also recommended on the website for Hall of Fames:

Am Wochende wäre es besser, wird auch empfohlen auf der Website für Hall of Fames:


What isch very much appreciate that the club has made the area clear and now you can let off steam there as long as the construction site exists.

Was isch sehr schätze, das der Verein die Fläche klar gemacht hat und nun darf man sich dort solange die Baustelle besteht austoben.


Together with @yangyanje who painted a Rane picture



Very cool sylver lettering. Thanks for sharing your work on The StreetArt Community and Merry Christmas 🎅

thanks a lot, hope you also had a nice christmas

Awesome you posted this! Love your style buddy!

sure;) looking forward to paint with you again