Kings of the Barrio and a Three Headed Monster [CCC's Street Art Contest #105]

in StreetArt3 months ago (edited)

The other day I ventured a bit out of my neighborhood of San Miguel Chapultepec in Mexico City, across the Periferico urban highway into the neighborhood known as Bella Vista. What translates to Beautiful View is in fact rather shabby looking: the infrastructure is generally less well maintained, there tends to be more trash on the streets, and the residents tend to favor a distinct barrio style in their appearance.

However, on my walk I came across a couple of interesting murals. The most noteworthy one is a fantastic illustration of the typical look and feel of the people living in that part of town. The exact location is between the streets Paloma and Anillo Periferico, just before intersecting with Rio de Tacubaya. The guy with the droopy mustache and the girl with the belly-free shirt, both sporting bandanas around their heads and a distinct tough look on their faces. This alone was worth capturing, since they perfectly resemble the actual people you see on the streets, though you may not want to ask them to pose for your pics.

What adds a further level of impressiveness to this street art, is the creature led by the lady on a chain. I have no idea how to best describe this beast from hell, except for it has three heads, each adorned with a pair of horns and a toothy mouth. Is this the kind of animals the locals from this barrio keep as pets? Maybe so! In any case, it would fit their image as much as it fits this wall painting.


This post is my submission to the weekly CCC Street Art Contest. If you are interested in seeing more cool local murals, check out my ever growing series Mexican Murals.


Cool wall especially the beast from hell, I really like the colors used for it. Thanks for sharing this pic onThe StreetArt Community.

Thanks for your appreciation. 😃

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