Pushing Through The 1st Month ☄️

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January 31st. 2023.

The first month of the year has faded like a comet ☄️ blazing through the earths atmosphere. But I’d say the year got off to a pretty good start for me and I will continue to push through.


I didn’t set any New Year’s resolution or lofty goals but what I am doing is pushing through on my intentions. I managed to keep up my workout at the gym and have increased it to twice a week every other week ( used to be once a week last year). I’d really like to make it every week twice a week but…….

Working with the family’s schedule

My twins started swimming lessons at a place around the way on Saturdays and I realized they had a gym in the facility. So I asked the staff:

“Is there any way I can use that gym without a monthly fee as I have twins going to your swimming classes?”

“Well yes, you can pay for a day pass since you have family that takes our lessons. It cost ¥550 ( about $4.00).”

Just what I wanted to hear.

“Remember to bring your gym shoes”

And so along with the weekday gym for ¥110 per hour I now had this more updated facility to use on Saturdays…… or so I thought. I went home and told my wife, her response:

“I wanna go to gym to.”

And that’s how the compromise of every other week started as someone has to watch the youngest. I haven’t been walking and running as much because it is cold asf lately and the early mornings have become more like early nights with a glimpse of the sun. But I intend to get back on track.

On the creative side

I managed to finally release my EP in January titled Nuclear ☢️ Fusion. It’s been getting “some” streams but most importantly it’s building up my catalogue and I have released something I created out into the world 🌎.

I intend to do some NFTs of the 5 tracks off the EP and already thought how I’d do it, just to get the pieces of the puzzle together in February. It’s also the perfect time to to get back into medz-ing some new songs. Even though at this moment, I don’t have many listeners, it doesn’t phase me one bit, I believe in me and I enjoy creating music. I envision a day when one song pops off and the rest of the catalogue rises with it, kinda like crypto with Bitcoin 😂. So I’ll just keep pushing through.

Here is track one from the EP. Feel free to stream it on your preferred platform here: https://withkoji.com/@dmilliz


Every Day -D’Milliz



Don’t want to make this post too long as I know how it is 🫤. But if you made it this far, BIG UP! How was the start of the year for you?


 2 months ago  

Congrats on your accomplishment for the first month. Great that you’ve been able to go to the gym. It’s a good way to utilize your time while the boys are swimming.
Hey Yu know how much siddung wi siddung and wait pon our boys by di pool side? Worse when dem pool hours differ? Great that you and your wife can alternate on the gym time.

Congrats on di music man. Yu know I had listened to the intros for 4 or 5 of them. One of the intros made me laugh. Can’t remember which one. Maybe it was Cornbread. Life is busy… work, family, kids, Japandom…so I know how much effort you had to put in. Big up.

 2 months ago  

I enjoyed sitting and watching them the first few weeks but after that I figured better to watch them with a break so I can see the progress and utilize that time.
Oh man, different times, that must have taking up a bit of the day but hey, we gotta do what we gotta.

Just a do di ting and make miself feel alive 😂. Yeah that cornbread intro, interestingly that song was recorded over 4 years ago and just dashing out.

 last month  

4 years ago! Nice work bro. That means there’s probably more weh nuh dash out yet.
Re pool, now that the boys are older, they often go by themselves and we check in from time to time.
Really like the idea of gym time with pool time. 😃

“I wanna go to gym to.”

🤣🤣🤣🤣 She doesn't want to be left out 😅

I admire your resilience and consistency in bundling up your catalogue amidst the obvious hurdles. That's a really important thing to do as a musician. Your first or 100th music may still have fewer audience, but if your 101th song blows, all your catalogue will follow suit. That's why it is important to remain focused and consistent.

I really appreciate what you do 👏

 last month  

Yeah as I type it is her time at the gym and I’m watching the kid.

Respect man, and now to get on with some more tunes to be released at a later date. Get back into the creative mode.

That's why it is important to remain focused and consistent.

For real real bro! Thanks for the reminder.
Hope all is well with you?

Everyone is encouraged to stay fit and healthy 😁

Yes bro
It's important to get back to your source and tap into the world of creativity; it will open your "Chakra" 😁 and drive you to create something outstanding.

Yes yes... I am doing good
You are always welcome.

I didn’t set any New Year’s resolutions or lofty goals but what I am doing is pushing through on my intentions.


It always pays to ask. I'm glad you did and found a cheaper way to get by because it makes total sense for you to fit in a workout while your twins do their swimming lessons.

Best wishes 🙏

 2 months ago  

Hi there! Indeed it does, always have to ask when the vibe is there or you wish something was how you wanted it. And now my wife and her friend are going to the gym and getting in shape. I feel sooner or later I may have to give up my Saturday and make it Sunday as my wife will wanna start going every week 😂

Wow, I never knew you have twins until I came across your post now. I hope they get to learn their swimming safely.

I am also also looking forward to visiting the gym on Saturdays. I've been feeling reluctant to that for weeks now.

 2 months ago  

Yes sir! It’s amazing and scary at the same time to have twins. They enjoy swimming, I felt it was only right for them to learn…. And they pestered their mom as well.

Get it in bro! I still drag myself to go buy once I start it feels good and I look forward to the muscle pain 😁

Yeah, it's amazing to have twins cause they come rare to parents.

I will try. I have only been opportuned to do a few exercises at home but I will be needing those equipments to get the full taste of it.

Wow, I think your goals are nice and I see you've had it all sought out, I just wish you all the best.

I love the track, the only thing I might have a little complaint about is the fact that I could hardly hear a word you were saying, maybe next time adding a lyrics would help 🥰.

Happy new year by the way and for my goals this year, I just want to study as hard as I can so I do well in my academics and then move to the next level.

 2 months ago  

Hi 👋 thank you! I'm trying!

Oh really? Is it that you couldn't understand the dialect or volume on the voice was too low?

Good idea with the lyrical video 😜

Well you are getting the best of both worlds are you are into academics and self learning here on the blockchain. Have a blessed New Year dear:). Guidance & protection!

Yeah, you are trying a lot really.

Wow! I think that was the reason why I couldn't get what you were saying, it's the dialect,lol. It would be really nice if you could go the extra length to give me especially the lyrics because I know I might be here again, hehe.

Yeah, I'm privileged to be acquiring knowledge from two places at almost the same time, thank you so much for your best wishes.

Happy new month 🥰

 2 months ago  

You are from Nigeria right ? I feel our dialects are similar but takes us getting used to. I well definitely do some lyrical videos, so many new software out there I hope I can find an Ai to do it automatically but damn they won't get the dialect either 😂

Keep on grinding and shining dear and thanks for always looking out! Blessed Valentine's month ❤️ and black history month though that is everyday for us 😀

Yeah, we have about the same dialects and now I'm wondering why I couldn't get what you were saying and I remembered it was a rap song and that needs me to listen over and over to get the words but then, I think adding the lyrics will be the best for everyone except the person doing the work, hehe.

Thank you so much for your best wishes, you too keep shining bright like a diamond especially through your music. Well, I don't celebrate valentine, like you, I do show love everyday as the opportunity comes and if I don't then it's a weakness on my part.

 last month  

Congrats mi Bredda on the new EP... sounds good!👍
Keep up that Gym work!
Bless Up

 last month  

Respect! I left off the “ Hold on” cause I realize it could get complicated.


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