I bought 200 pots to pot up my cacti.


The time for sowing seeds is coming to an end and although I ordered a few more seeds today, I also took on the task of transplanting some of the plants I propagated, so that's what this post is about as you can see in this first image. But thinking about the amount of pots and that I no longer have space to put them while they get used to their new pot, I looked for a place to put them, the best option is these boxes to stack them in a dry place when I see that it is going to rain.


To start I bought 200 3-inch pots, just like the ones you can see in the picture below.


I transplanted some mammillaria gracilis v fragilis.


I hope you remember when I separated the offspring of my Echinopsis eyriesii, and if you don't remember here is the link to that post, some of the cacti I removed I put in individual pots.



I also transplanted some of the ones I like the most because of their thorns, they are really dangerous to handle.



I hope you remember this cactus, I also leave you the link to that post, the truth is that it was about to die so I had to make a new cut and although the cactus turned out to be small I think I'm on the right track.


I left the bottom unattended but today I decided to check it out and to my surprise there are signs of new life, I think I actually got excited.



I couldn't leave it like that, so I had to put it in a pot to stimulate better growth.


I hope you remember the cactus that I got as a gift last year, well today my sister's father in law told me to go get some more, the idea is to help him sell some and keep a few, by the way there is a colony of 10 cactus but I will show that in another post because the truth is impressive.



I potted some of the ones that will be sold, and this is how they look next to the small cacti in their stacking container.


And since I was in that garden, I had to take some pictures.




By the way, I sowed some seeds of the following cactus although I actually forgot its name, it is a mammillaria but I don't remember its full name.


And to finish the day I separated some of my sedum japonicum to make a few new pots, I'm not sure if I did the right thing but I'll know in a few days.


I hope you liked the pictures and most of all that you enjoyed these cactus, tomorrow I will keep making more pots because I plan to sell some of them to recover a little bit of all the spending I have done during this year haha, see you in the next post.



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I also have a good amount of succulents in my garden and little by little I am increasing the amount. I build the pots myself together with my wife with plastic molds and cement. Cheers @monster-one

Hi I'm glad your garden is growing, I too have a cement pots project pending it's a good activity to keep active, thanks for your visit.