She Got My Attention

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It was a big surprise! I really don't know how it happened, but my eye nerves had to do a big effort to bring the image of what I saw to my mind. Those were eternal moments, the brain was refusing to accept the information, but in the end, it had to. I had to accept the fact to see my fuzzy crazy plant had a suicidal attempt! But why? Why? Did I play so badly the piano so you couldn't listen to me anymore? Did I ignore you, and you didn't get enough water? Were you mad because of something? Did you want to jump from the balcony and go and live freely in the garden, by the palm trees? Why you just didn't ask me, so I could plant a stem there where you wanted your new home to be? Why, why, let me know dear fuzzy plant...



My WHY-s just continued there, looking at that mess what that sad happening left behind it. Soil all around, broken stems, and fallen leaves. She was silent! And still so proud that even it was probably so painful to her to be broken into pieces, she kept quiet. But, I felt she was satisfied, and content to make me sad, seeing that scene. She wanted attention, my attention, and finally, she got it. I was around, worried, and making sure all her broken parts will be collected and planted again. To give a new life to many small fuzzy ones. Baby plants, what else could we all wish for?



I forgave her, as, after all, she was a bit sad without me paying attention to her (despite it being very very selfish from her side to do this act of rebellion). So, I went to take a walk among the nearby gardens...with a small shovel that could fit into the backpack...with a huge plastic bag in it...and came home with some soil as I didn't have any at home. Also, the soil you can buy in the market is too good, succulents and cacti don't need good quality soil. It was almost perfect what I found, but still, I think it is a too good one, not as sandy as I wanted. But am not complaining. {A little secret: I had an assistant in that soil-finding crime, very well planned and executed breach.} So, they are planted now, the baby plants have new pots and new soil, and not to be alone, I planted three of them in each pot.




However, there are still some doubts. What to do with those long stems which didn't break? You see, those I hold in my hand. They are too heavy and long now, the mother plant would probably need to live in a garden indeed, not in a pot, but at the moment she has to wait. What to do with them? Should I cut them and plant them apart as I did with the broken stems? I have another Echeveria pulvinata too, not this big, but getting to have long and heavy branches. The same will happen with that one, I am sure if I don't do something... Bigger, heavier pot? Cutting back the stems and planting in other pots?


Back in September she looked nice, I showed her in this post. She already had some longer branches but not as now. So, any advice should I cut those long stems or wait for another jumping from the stand activity from my Ruby Blush?




But why? Why? Did I play so badly the piano so you couldn't listen to me anymore? Did I ignore you, and you didn't get enough water? Were you mad because of something? Did you want to jump from the balcony and go and live freely in the garden, by the palm trees?

I read and laughed!
❤️‍ 😂 👍

Hahaha, that was the mission!! :))

Congratulations on completing it! :-)

Have to say that all those cuttings planted together look really nice.
Maybe she just wanted to look younger :p

About the long steps - up to you I guess.... You could put the pot inside some heavy clay pot to make it more stable. But at this point, when a lot of the stems broke and she lost that full look, I would probably cut them and plant it all over.

How many new pots you got... 3? :p

Maybe she just wanted to look younger :p

Hey, that's it! It is probably the reason why she jumped!! Thanks for clarifying :))

I just planted 6 stems, those that were too small and too damaged not. So two pots with three cuttings.

And I also think that without that full look it would be better to cut them and plant them in other pots. Wow, I will have too many of them, could give away plenty of new plants 😃

Lol you are too funny haha, suicidal plants...

It's really a post about resilience though; it looks lovely now!

It really seemed to me that it was a suicidal attempt of that plant 😁
She just jumped from that stand for no reason, but yes, she has got now new lovely children around :))

You are a great storyteller dear @mipiano, I admire the way you turn into letters the things that go through your mind, you made me feel a lot of uncertainty with your questioning and trying to decipher what this plant was feeling. Anyway, frankly I don't know much about plants and I don't know if I can help you but I think there is a point at which a plant must move from the balcony to the garden so that it can continue to grow freely. Greetings 😉!!!

A story had to come when I saw my plant, broken, on the floor, in the mess of solid and fallen leaves. Poor one, but it was too heavy already, the branches have grown a lot in the last months and it needed to be cut or planted into a heavier or bigger pot :)

I believe that the history of this plant is the history of living beings in general, there comes a time when we need something bigger and it is normal, either for physical or spiritual growth.

You are speaking wisely 🤗

I love growing plant clippings into new plants! Your little baby succulents look so cute in their new little pots! I'm sure your piano playing will help them grow up to be as big as their parent :-)

I hope too that they will be doing ok, and the piano playing for sure would have to become a more frequent activity :)

Succulents are quite hardy usually. Sometimes they will grow new roots if you cut them and put the stems in water and keep them some place where they will get some sunlight. You can replant once you start to see the roots growing. I'm not an expert but we cut ours and do that sometimes.

What you describe is also familiar to me. My mom used to do that, but somehow I always managed to plant them even without that phase of being in the water. Just in the soil and they grow :)) I hope these ones will survive too, didn't even think about the possibility they could not survive. Time will say 😀

They probably will survive then 😁
Good luck! 👍

Thanks :)
In case they do not survive, I will inform people here around 😁

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