My Gymnocalycium is blooming

I already wrote that the Gymnocalycium cactus is one of my favorites!
Well, how can you not love this little handsome?
It is not even visible from under its large and delicate flowers!

I have had this Gymnocalycium for almost 3 years, and every year it pleases me with its beautiful flowers.
And he doesn’t act up, although to be honest, I fried him a little in the sun and as you can see, he doesn’t take offense at me :-)

I don't know the name of this Gymnocalycium. I already wrote that cacti are sold without their names, unfortunately...

Why write them?
After all, without knowing his name, you will not know exactly how to care for him.
And in what soil to transplant it, since it is necessary to transplant it, otherwise the cactus will die sooner or later anyway!
This means there is more chance of killing him, which means that in most cases you will go shopping again.
What is expected from us, lovers of cacti, owners of plant nurseries.

@nikv this is the blooming photo of that cactus you asked me about
in this post you see, I didn't forget 😉

The photos I were taken with a Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70L tablet







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@ewkaw and @qurator Thank you so much for your support!

 2 months ago  

Thank you :) what a beauty! Maybe Gymnocalycium anisitsii ssp. anisitsii

Thanks a lot!
I looked at a photo of Gymnocalycium anisitsii ssp. anisitsii, yes, mine is like that.
The only thing is that in my cactus the core of the flower is slightly pink.

 2 months ago  

Some of them do have whiter flowers

Then I was lucky, because the pink shade in the center looks very beautiful and gentle.
I really like.
Now my same second cactus has released a bud, let's see what color its flower will be :-)

The flowers looks really beautiful 😍

Thank you so much!

Wonderful photos of these charming flowers! You do have the patience for cacti!

Thanks a lot!
Patience will be if you do what you love 😉