This world has existed for some thirty years

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Let me start somewhere…

Our imagination knows no bounds. In the mass of information on the canvas, it seems that you have a real choice if you strongly believe in something.

Once you're home, it doesn't matter which part of the world you're walking in.

What is deepest in us has no words. The words merely describe the path to one's own, earthly peace. The world is beautifully returning to its original state.
In Slovenian, we have the same words for world and holy. The word is called SVET.
Rational mind can only understand that this is possible.

By spiritual clarity I mean mainly acceptance. Nothing is more personal than nothing. Therefore, we have no natural right to interfere. So we honor our purpose and the talents we have. Complicated, maybe. Like my meditation sometimes.

Otherwise, I sing and write. I do a little street theater and send plays to literary competitions. Sometimes I manage to take a superb photo. My profession is an occupational therapist, but I do Bowen, voice and Vivek therapies. I travel a lot and I love to dance. Every trip is a pilgrimage for me. I don't eat meat.

My world is a world, with its own space and its own time, or so it seems.
With spontaneous steps, this world has existed for some thirty years.
It is alternative and it is science, it is nature and it is technology. This world is human, not robot.

I am happy that I finally managed to get to Hive and create this public note. I thank you for your positive reception and all your attention. You can also follow me so we don't get lost.

Well, I haven't said. With this step, I realize that my English can also improve. If you notice any mistakes, please don't take offense.

So, hello everyone.
My name is Dorothea. Friends call me Doro.
I will share with you art and moments that life offers me in my presence.

Have a good day :)

All photos taken by me (unless noted otherwise)


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