MCGI Cares Live Prayer Meeting 3rd February 2023

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MCGI Cares Live Prayer Meeting 3rd February 2023


Screenshot during the meeting

1Thesalonians 5:6 says we shouldn't sleep like others but let's sober. What Apostle Paul meant by sleep here is to sleep in righteousness because we the natural man gets tired and sleep physically to rest and gain energy, the Bible is talking of the sleep in righteousness. The Lord will come at the hour that no man shall know. So we shouldn't sleep. When we are outside the parameters and laws of Christ we are asleep. We should admonish one another, we need a complete feast for our gathering

The Bible says those that are asleep should wake up because we don't know the hour and time God is coming.

How will we wake up?

We need to have Faith, Love and Hope. When we show love it works no ill to it's neighbor. If we love our fellow men, it means we are awake because we are obeying the laws of God. We need to be awake in righteousness because when we are awake in righteousness we work in righteousness.
If the Lord Jesus comes and you are working uprightly, you will not be ashamed before Him. Mathew7:21 says not everyone that calls God's name shall go into the kingdom of heaven and at the last day those that are sleeping in righteousness God will say depart from me ye workers of inequity.
So we need to wake up from our state of sleep and embrace the doctrines of Our Lord Jesus Christ. If we don't want Christ to say depart from me oh ye workers of iniquity we should wake up from sleep and make sure we stand as the righteous people God wants us to be.

We should always be doing Good if we say we trust in the Lord because if we trust in Him we will always do His will but if we don't obey the Lord we don't trust Him. If we are doing righteousness let our heart also show righteousness because God looks at the heart. We shouldn't be like the hyppocrates that we pray and act righteous so that men may see us for if we do like that our reward shall men give us but God is the rewarder if those who serve and deligently seek him.