MonoChrome Monday

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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today I'm switching it up for Monday for a little bit and going with MonoChrome pics!

mono drive 2.jpeg

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MonoChrome Monday

One of the things I've been looking to do is make some small changeups to some of my series posts. This one was an idea I got from Tattoo'd Jay! He does this cool series Mono Chrome Monday so I figured I would give it a whirl since I enjoy taking some photos myself!

I was out for a drive one morning to do some errands and it was wild, the weather was beautiful, around 50 degrees but that weather in the typically-cold month of January means you are going to get a lot of fog! The fog was pretty intense, you could barely see 100 feet in front of you.

mono drive 2.jpeg

To just add the original photo before editing, I have it here. It's not as dramatic but seeing it in black and white was cool!

drive 2.jfif

It definitely felt eerie, like I was in the movie Goonies or something when it's dreary in the beginning of the movie. Was fun to drive around like this!

I was obviously stopped, although looking weird stopping in the middle of the street, while taking this picture. No driving was done during the picture!

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It did not snow there today. Ours is a mess.

It snowed here a little bit yesterday but then ended up raining a hell of a lot so all the snow got wiped away. Not fun for snowman building but good for us since we got to get outside in some surprising nice weather! Got up to 50 degrees, was wild lol

The early morning nature of fog is Always so white like it's snowing and one barely see ahead as said by @cmplxty

It's really something one had to stop bye and take shot of..
Nice editing as well, it looks more nice

Thanks for stopping by! The early fog was definitely a nice change for the day!

Know what it looks like to me? Freezing.


You should know, don't you have snow?

No, I stole that image from the interweb.

Yeah same here lol it's nice but we are getting mentally ready to live somewhere a lot warmer!

Might wanna get ready to not live there either...

love the road and fog atmosphere. nice view dear @cmplxty. Such pretty shots.