The Feel When You Have A 'Spiritual Awakening' And Become A New Person...

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Each of us has any easier (or harder) time manifesting their dreams and desires in direct relation to how well they 'know themselves' and 'be themselves.'

The thing is, nearly everyone thinks they 'know themselves' and are 'being themselves' well... but at the same time, nearly everyone has been trained by society to 'lie to themselves' about who they really are and what really makes them happy.

Most people repress their feelings when they actually want to express them. Most people keep quiet when they really want to speak up. Most people judge, shame, blame, and project towards others when they really want to improve a situation. Most people want to explore certain areas of life, but have marked them 'off limits' in their mind, and refuse to explore them.

I was like this, my friends were like this, read any celebrity biography and you'll see they were like this too. But eventually, in this life or the next, the masks have to come off.

The feeling of 'awakening' to who we really are and discarding a 'mask' here or a 'mask' there we've been using to 'feel safe' and 'avoid conflict' can be pretty amazing.

Have you ever had an experience similar to Arnold in Total Recall?


I love the expression, "someday the masks have to fall". But being "REAL" is such a subjective thing, since what I think may be who I really am may be shaped by beliefs that have been instilled in me, how do I really know what IS who I really am?

This is a great comment, and a great question, @zullyscott ! Many of us, myself included, thought I was 'being real' for a long time, when in actuality, I was not. So how can we tell? How can we know?

The answer is one most people don't like: practice.

Practice, practice, practice.

Practice involves 'getting it wrong', and 'making mistakes', and 'failing' a lot. But the more practice we get, the better we become. So we all must practice asking ourselves "is this who I really am?" We all must practice tuning into our feelings, assessing them, expressing them truly. Even if we get it wrong.

The thing is, most people AVOID this practice, or practice only once in a while.

Food for thought, thank you. 🙏

I agree so much with this. Many will always have a subjective image when they read something we write or paint their picture. It's different from meeting someone in real life. I always take off my mask when I meet people on hive, and I still think it's a whole new world meeting someone you know from the hive in real life. It's always been a special experience.

I'm glad you agree! And yes, subjective impressions and meeting people in real life can often clash, but I'm glad you 'take your mask off', keep it up and keep ryzing! Wishing you a great day :) 🙏

I havn't seen the movie but I must say that they've been situations where I had to take off my masks and discover my real self. It's hard sometimes in a society where everyone seems to acknowledge pretence more than being real. A lot of people get hated or chastised when they actually reveal their true nature. Some are scared of being judged or wrongly labelled so it becomes paramount to suppress some part of ourselves when need be and show our real selves when we can.

Thanks for sharing ❤️

Thanks so much for this comment, it's nice to connect with someone who 'knows the feeling' of self-discovery and revelation.

in a society where everyone seems to acknowledge pretence more than being real.

Very interesting line. It seems that in our early years we're often chastised for revealing our true nature, but as we develop & mature, society actually admires accomplished people who are able to 'be real.'

Definitely food for thought here, thank you for sharing as well! ❤️🙏

Very interesting line. It seems that in our early years we're often chastised for revealing our true nature, but as we develop & mature, society actually admires accomplished people who are able to 'be real.'

True, very true. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to discover ourselves and be real as real can get. I just got motivated!

Certainly a food for thought.

Thanks for replying! ❤️❤️✅

I totally agree, and I'm glad you're motivated! Thanks for your reply as well, and may we all continue to #ryze ! 🙏

Lol of course...Let's keep #ryzing ..

Wait, I've always wondered what inspired your username. Care to share?


And sure, I'll share:

  • My first name in real life is 'Jason.'
  • My passion is 'elevating', 'improving', and 'evolving' things (anything that I'm presented with or involved in, I can't help but 'polish', 'refine', 'expand', etc.) - My friends said I'd never be satisfied unless others 'rise' up.
  • When I started my first 'real' business, I wanted to call it 'Rise', but felt it wasn't 'cool' enough, and that it would not be very 'searchable' on Google, so I thought, how to make it cooler?
  • Replace 'Rise' with 'Ryze'
  • From then on, people started calling me 'Ryze' or 'J-Ryze'
  • But online the domain was taken, so I was forced to use
  • I wanted all my usernames to match on all platforms, so I used 'ryzeonline' everywhere from that point onward.

Hope that answers your question! :) 🙏

Wow, I admire you a lot Mr Ryze and I must say that I hope to learn from you. You have a great purpose and you work towards fulfilling it.

Even if we don't Ryzeoffline we'll sure Ryzeonline.

Now I get it!!

Thanks for sharing ❤️✅

Thank you kindly, I love teaching and learning, and I encourage others to do similarly. In fact, I just learned a lot about quantum physics and scientific proof for Law Of Attraction, haha. Yes, let us ryze, both online and off, lol. :) Thanks for asking and wishing you a great day! ❤️🙏

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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Thank you! 🙏

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We get mad. When we start to put the ego in his place we get angry. That's a defense, an intent to not take action. I'm in that position right now. This platform put me in a place I can't complain anymore. Game on! Thanks for sharing. I love your work.

Well said! And thanks for this great comment, thank you for sharing, I bet it will resonate with others too. Game on indeed! 🙏

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The mask has to fall for everyone some day, that's the law of the universe. For some it will be sooner and some later.
The thing is that people feel scared about societal pressures and if they have an awakening they feel hesitant to express.

Indeed, I agree, and you make an excellent point about societal pressures and people's hesitation. 🙏