Is LOA 'Free Will' or 'Mind Control:' Abe Hicks Vs. Neville Goddard

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There are two conflicting views about Law Of Attraction popular today.

  1. Some current Law Of Attraction YouTubers teach that you can ‘control anyone and anything’ by choosing different quantum realities. They teach that basically, each of us are in a ‘virtual reality’ and able to create and manifest literally anything we want. This view can often be seen in the Neville Goddard SP group on Reddit. It’s likely someone there misunderstood Neville’s original teachings, because I doubt if we could talk to Neville himself today, he’d say we’re in a ‘virtual quantum reality where we control every person’s mind.’ Still, this is currently quite a common take on Law Of Attraction, especially in certain sections of the internet.

  2. Traditional Law Of Attraction teachers on the other hand, teach that although we can indeed manifest the ‘essence’ of whatever desire we have… ultimately we’re all individual, free-willed people, and none of us is able to infringe on or assert into the manifestations of others, and so sure, we can influence people, but ultimately their free will and their soul’s desire’ is the deciding factor for them, not us. This view is commonly seen in Abraham-Hicks’ teachings, but can also be seen in other established teachers like Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, and so on.

Which view is right? Which camp is correct? In this video, @cynshineonline and I explore the topic in-depth, with great clarity, and the answer may surprise you.

Is LOA 'Free Will' or 'Mind Control:' Abe Hicks Vs. Neville Goddard?

I hope you enjoyed our (hopefully more nuanced) take on the topic, and that you got value out of the video. We want you to manifest your dreams, and the best way to do that is pick your beliefs wisely, experiment with them, challenge them, and see how strong they are, and whether they really hold up. And that includes your beliefs about ‘mind control’ vs. ‘free will.’

Much love,

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