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This crazy, creative little guy!

Bugger AKA Buddy-Pepper has a focus and attention to detail that is uncanny. He's detail oriented and likes to sort and organize. Because of that, I thought it would be cool to get some special "creator" legos for him. They are geared towards 7 - 12 years olds, and even though he's only 5, he seemed like the type that could handle it.

To create this alligator he had to follow a tedious step by step process that included over 200 individual steps, with each lego needing to be placed in its own specific location. Sure enough, he aced it and now it going to disassemble it to create something different. Check this lego alligator out!


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cute baby with his toys looks great. I liked the way he smile and pose for the photo. Really very creative.

Well done on the built. My kids will likely fail on that lol.

He is a creative and tenacious boy. Amazing.
For a five-year-old child, being able to complete such a detailed arrangement is an above-average ability.

Building a Lego with a total of 200 pieces is not something easy, and it has shown the harmony between the development of the right brain and left brain is extraordinary. He can produce something very perfectly.

In my opinion, one day he will become a creator who gives birth to something for us.
Should I congratulate you? No, no!
I have to congratulate this great boy. You only provide the tools, right? !LOL

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