Call to Action! | Run an SPK Network Encoder Node - $500 Monthly Pool

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Hello 3Speak Community!

This is a quick post inviting you to run encoding nodes once again. In the last few weeks, we have made major upgrades to the SPK network encoder. To learn how to run an encoder node, check this video and post by @sagarkothari88.

How to setup 3Speak Video Encoder node?

Basic requirements to run an encoder node:

  • CPU with the same or more performance of an Intel i5

  • A dedicated graphics card is not required.

  • Upload and download speed of over 40 Mbps.

  • A wired connection is recommended.

  • More than 8 GB of RAM.

Rewards for running an encoder node:

  • We have an encoder pool with approximately $500/month (at its peak) in beneficiaries for encoders nodes to be rewarded with.

  • Post a blog with the #spkencoder tag showing that you are running an encoding node, and you will be eligible for upvotes.



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~~~ embed:1621475938264403969 twitter metadata:MTIzNTUwMTI2fHxodHRwczovL3R3aXR0ZXIuY29tLzEyMzU1MDEyNi9zdGF0dXMvMTYyMTQ3NTkzODI2NDQwMzk2OXw= ~~~
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Yeah, it needs to be at least a dedicated server system in a datacenter, did you guys try that?

Little bit crazy to run that from Germany, looking to Scandinavian countries or something like Budapest.

Updated the requirements to be more accurate.

Sounds ideal for anyone that recently bought one of the M2 Mac Mini's. I am going to try this.

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I had the specs for running the encoder but it's not a simple process 👎

How can we improve the process to make it easy for you to run an encoder?

You see, the command line installation will be more familiar to the Linux and mac users, But for windows users it's complicated to understand what he is explaining in the video. The tedious process shown in this video can be made even simpler and understandable to a broad audience rather than few if the process was shown in a windows computer.

very good news. I use 3Speak and believe in decentralization of information. This is a step forward. Perhaps in the future I will purchase a suitable computer and contribute better to the operation of the whole project

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Having a post with step by step guide, using a Privex servers will be a better guide then the video :)

Greetings,thanks by the information, the process looks a little long and complicated for someone like me who knows nothing about programming, but I will certainly try if I meet the requirements, I share the specifications of my equipment and my cable connection I have on my PC

CPU: Intel iCore 5 4th gen
RAM: 16 GB
Internet: more than 200Mb Download a little bit more than 40 mb upload

FireShot Capture 1184 - Speedtest por Ookla - La prueba de velocidad de banda ancha global_ -

  • I want to know if with this I can venture into how to make a node work.

nice work and explanation, if i have a free time i will try do the same from my computer :D

Aside the seeming complex process for a non coder, power and internet speed are my short comings, here in Nigeria.

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Great video, count me in! I will try to setup my server

Count me in, I will give it a try once I get accustomed to the technical aspects of it.

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Can't I just click a button on the desktop application and start contributing? would be nice

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Desktop app integration will be available in the future!

If I try it on an i3 4th generation could it qualify? I have 16 ram and 10mb of fiber optic much faster than copper cable internet

I would like to try this. Can this be executed on a cloud based VM? For example Linode?

Is there any documentation about how to send videos to those encoders? Couldn’t this compete with other cloud encoder providers and bring more load on the pool?

I got lost on the first step when go-ipfs didn't install on my window.

I'm my opinion, you need to focus only on the tutorial and leave the questions for another post. I guess that I'm terrible at this stuff. I need to ask something to help me out 😌