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Hello 3Speak Community Members,

Here are the dev updates from 3Speak-Team-member - @sagarkothari88.

FrontEnd > API > Load more records for User

FrontEnd > 3Shorts

  • 3Speak.tv does not show 3Shorts at the moment.
  • I have made some UI changes to incorporate 3Shorts within the current version of the 3Speak.tv website.
  • These changes are again on GitLab.
  • I'll have to re-raise the pull request after putting those changes on GitHub.

Creator Studio > Supporting Trusted clients

  • It will be used for Ecency, ActiFit, Hive Keychain-based logins, etc.
  • We have implemented/updated APIs in such a way that it will allow trusted clients & send encoded messages to those clients.
  • Only trusted clients can access 3Speak.tv's posting capabilities.
  • NOTE: These APIs will likely change during the 3Speak.tv refactor.

Mobile App


  • I've received feedback from one of the users via email.
  • No confirmation toast on a successful login.
    • I will work on it as soon as I get a chance.
  • No resolution settings for videos.
    • It is part of the settings of the app.
    • Go to Acela > Drawer menu > Settings > Change Resolution.


  • No background play (PiP) (supported device).
    • I will work on it as soon as I get a chance.
  • Thumbnail quality is too low.
    • I will look into this asap.
  • Short videos are overstretched.
    • Tap on the Icon in the top right corner.
    • This happens because some 3shorts-videos are taken in portrait & some are in landscape.
    • Change the settings as indicated below & swipe up & down.


What are the next action items from @sagarkothari88?

  • Creator Studio
    • Run Creator Studio locally & resolve issues.
    • Change APIs for adding Trusted Clients.
    • Raise a Pull request on GitHub.
  • 3Speak.tv Website
    • Run frontend locally & resolve issues.
    • 3Shorts-related changes.
      • Rewrite those changes in the new repo.
      • Test it locally.
      • Raise Pull Request.
    • API > Load more videos for the user.
      • Rewrite those changes in a new repo.
      • Test it locally.
      • Raise Pull Request.
  • Mobile App
    • Show IPFS Hash hive-post while publishing
    • Show confirmation to the user once the user has logged in
    • Once APIs are deployed on creator studio, Allow the user to publish the video from the mobile app using hive-keychain.

Important 3Speak Links

Have a good one!


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Great updates and these are always welcomed and in need for any 3speak and spk network users and investors. Do you know what will be the next visible item (from user pov) that will be released for the spk.network project?

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Right now we are in the early phases of one of the largest refactors on the 3Speak.tv to date. (Post will be released at a later date). Part of that will almost certainly include a mature version of our hybrid offchain/onchain indexing system. Benefiting both 3Speak.tv, DBuzz and other partners utilizing 3Speak/SPK network.

Fantastic, you're a beast sagarkothari88

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what social media will take twitter's place?

where is the decentralized social media buzz/leadership going?


Great work on the @threespeak mobile app...

Also I'm having issue on my iPhone XS editing/changing the speed of the video.

Namaste 🙏

Thank you for the feedback. I'll look into it as soon as I get chance.