Tribal "Sarhul" Feetival - Dance Music & Singing For the Nature

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We all had celebrated new year on First of Jan. However there is a special section of the society for which the new year begins with the worship of nature. In India, we have many tribal community whose lifestyle is completelly differrnt from other section of the society. Todsy, I will bring a glimpse of one such lifestyle and a festival where they enjoy, sing and dance together.


Sarhul festival is one of the tribal festival celebrsted in the Easter state of India namely Jharkhand. I have the onus to attend this festival and enjoy with them. The tribal people in our village worship the nature , trees , plantation and they considered to be their diety who are their protector. Sarhul, Is one of the festival, where each tribal people comes out to enjoy together.

Sarhul essentially translates to ‘a worship of trees’, but it is particularly the sal tree (and nature in general) that is the object of veneration of tribes such as Oraon, Munda, Ho and Santal.


This festival also marks the begining spring for them. It is celebrated along with the hindu Makar sakrsnti. The festival is celebrated for three days, from the 3rd day of Chaitra month in Sukla Paksh to Chaitra Purnima (full moon day). They use to worship the trees around their houses. They have differrnt way of celebrstion. They co some liquor, eat meat and mutton, sing and dance.


This year I have the privilege to attend their celebrstion late at night. They keep awake whole night dancing and singing. Infact they celebrste the entire day. During the dsy time, they visit house to another for the festival donation, they keep singing and playing musical instrument. They have a specific way to pull people attention. They used to sing in their local language and pass on some comments. It was funny instances. After the routine collection they again come together after evening with new costumes and then indulge in their fun and exciting celebrstion.


Honestly, I loves each part of their celebrstion, and brought some glimpse of their celebrstion. It was quite colorful moment. I was part of them for few min however coul not recorded entirely due to some privacy concern. These people loves to maintain their privacy and does not want to comes out in open. These tribes have their own custom, tradition, and culture and respecting them is our obligation.


Unlike the other Indian festival, this festival is very unique and make their lifestyle super attractive and eventful. I hope to keep bringing new and exciting stuffs going on from our village.

Peace !!

Namaste @steemflow

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Wow this is very amazing my dear friend.