Is my Threespeak account compromised ? From where did this post came ?

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Help - who can help me to figure out to find out what's going on ?


This is a very big surprise for me - I just discovered, a post on my blog 3 hours back, but I did not post it. Can someone help me understand, what is going on here ? Has someone hacked into my account ? Do they have access to my posting keys ? or all keys ? or is it a @threespeak issue ? Anyone who can help me, please help. This is the first time in 4 years on this blockchain, I see this kind of error which scares me. Dear @threespeak team, can you please guide me to find out what's going on ?



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the same case for me. I have revoked posting permissions for 3speak and many apps which I am not using anymore.. hopefully, its a not a hack. cheers

I was so busy yesterday not to be online - and seeing this in the morning - let's watch and get more details before we grant permission.

Same issue too - woke up very surprised to see an old video about Litecoin xD

Would be quite interesting to see how many posts they made today - in the name of glitch.

Hey man! I have the same problem! 3speak is inaccessible

Something is going on behind the scene in @threespeak

Goog thing you posted. I thought Im the only one. 😅 Please post an update here if there is

I revoked the authority for the time being, lets see, when we hear back from @threespeak

I also didnt post this.

Hey its no compromising....there was some upgrade happening and as a result this error happened...some of the old videos were posting into Hive...automatically...just chill

That means some bug with the upgrade ? Why it would post ?


This is announced at their discord.

Ah, that's a big mistake - but our accounts are safe, right ?

Yes..non-issue with them..

There's been this crazy error with 3speak at the moment. However that video is is probably something you might have uploaded in the past or something the system put you up to when you tried uploading a video. Hope they resolve it.

This was very scary - especially, logging in after a day after long time and seeing someone has posted to your account - crazy.

It is definitely going to be scary. I can feel it too. I know you were worried but I'm glad they have given reasons why.

Check your wallet transaction and better to change password.
I guess 3 speak might hacked ad hacker is using authority that you might have given to 3 speak.
Revoke that posting authority before it start publishing utter garbage from your account.

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Revoke that posting authority

How to do that ?

Peakd ==> Account action ==> Keys and permission==> Authorities

Done, thank you so much.

It happned to me too. They have explained while making upgrades in the system there was an error in the software udates. So they recommended edit that post new content or an error message.

So its not hacked, right ?

I didn't think so.

It is an error of threespeak. It happened to me as well, just wrote about that in my latest post. Don't worry.

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Hello dear friend @sanjeevm good day
I have the same error on my wall, a video I wrote more than two years ago was published. To be honest I couldn't sleep from worry. It is an error of the video program, now that I know that it has happened to many people I am calmer
Thanks for sharing your experience

Happened to me too, I wasn’t too happy. I was able to downvote my post and zero out the rewards, but luckily it only comes down to a posting permission thing. Because of this update error, I decided to remove 3Speak’s posting permission until the situation is resolved and more assurance is provided.

Yes, I also revoked the permission and now reinstated.

Is a 3speak problem :3