3Speak mobile app updates - 4th week June-2022

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Please find my updates as listed below.

  • Bug fixes
    • iOS post to hive wasn't working. Fixed it.
    • My account - video list - showing long description - trimmed it to 30 chars.
    • Added exception handling on video upload page
    • Video upload button shows loading indicator for-ever - fixed.
  • New features
    • Removing force add thumbnail
    • Taking first frame of video as thumbnail with max width 320
    • Storing thumbnail to temp-storage & uploading it to iPFS
  • Testing
    • Tested both apps different devices
    • iOS devices (real devices - iPhone XR, iPhone X)
    • Android devices (Google Pixel 5)
    • Android emulators (Virtual devices)
    • iOS simulators (Virtual devices)
  • Flutter Code
    • Restructuring the code to make it more readable
    • Added iOS & Android native bridges to communicate to hive to publish
  • Creator Studio back-end
    • Got my creator-studio branch reviewed
    • I addressed all the pull request changes
    • Disabled push notification related code
    • Running reviewed branch locally & testing apps with local-dev env
    • Running master branch locally & testing apps with local-dev env
  • Release (on Hold)
    • Submitting iOS build to TestFlight for internal testers
    • Uploading Android build to Firebase
    • Both builds are ready to go live but on hold because on upload we get 500 error.
  • Investigation
    • On video upload, we're getting 500 error status code from server only on production.
    • We are doing root cause analysis & trying to find out what went wrong.

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See you next time.

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I have the test pilot app and have been waiting for an upload button to try an upload videos. I’ve deleted the app and loaded it again. Still no option to upload a video… iOS device btw…

@splatts - I understand your pain & patients. Like I said in the post above, release is on hold till we find & fix the issue.

Sorry, misunderstanding… I thought you released it and through testing it wasn’t working. Keep up the good work!!

It is ready.

I see that… but after hitting the green + button in the bottom right and selecting my video, I fill out the video description and then nothing…


@splatts Try changing title or description of the video. You don't see the next button - it may be because of broken upload or incomplete upload.

Ok, I will keep messing with it.

Had no idea there is even an app for 3Speak, lol! How cool is that? ❤️

Well. Now you know.
Feel free to try it out.
and share feedback if you have any.

Download links added below.

Download iOS App via TestFlight


Download Android App via Firebase


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Keep on going…
I just started traveling recently…
As soon as I have a chance I’ll start testing on my IPhone XS.

If I need an invite you can let me know…
Or just start testing it…?

  • I just didn’t get that part…


Hi @iliyan90 - Now you can copy & paste the video description

Hi @iliyan90 App is ready but not yet available. We're trying to find an issue & fix it. As soon as it is done, app will be available & I'll add a post about it.

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I used to post on 3SpeakTV previously but never stick to it as my first love is blogging. I hope your app makes a difference.

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I got the android app but couldn't sign in. And I've been restarting the app I even deleted and reinstalled no way to sign in but every other thing seems fine

Hi @protokkol
Which version have you downloaded? What's your discord-id so that I can assist you.
Or ping me on 3speak discord channel named - dev

Hi @sagarkothari88 it is version 1.0.1
Discord: protokkol#3105
I'll inbox you as well