Crypto Looks Scary Until You Try It

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When you heard about cryptocurrency for the first time, what was your feeling? People especially the mainstream media talk negative things about crypto. People are losing money in crypto, it is just a bubble that is going to burst soon.


It seems interesting, but you have fear. You see big investors and institutions also talk about crypto in a negative way. After reading about crypto, you want to get involved in it. You get to know that people mine cryptocurrency and get crypto as a reward. But buying mining equipment and running it seems expensive. Another way to get involved in crypto is to buy cryptocurrency. Again you have a fear that what if you lose your hard-earned money? You don't have to do any of these. You can make content on the Hive blockchain and earn crypto. Once you get involved in crypto, you will not have fear. And from that point, you can move forward.

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I agree and it's tough to learn new things. It takes time to understand the space and how to proceed forward. At least, I never really considered crypto until I looked more into it.

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I heard about crypto, but when I looked into it, I began to understand it. Yes, it takes some time.

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