Oyerepa TV in Ghana shares hive on their news broadcast.

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Hive blockchain has a great history in Ghana and is becoming more trendy. The latest hive borehole construction presented us with the chance to invite significant media figures to observe the borehole's inaugural event. In terms of the hive borehole, it was one of the greatest launcing ceremonies we'd ever seen.

Many friends informed us today that a prominent local TV station named Oyerepa TV is displaying to Ghanaians and the rest of the globe the magnificent gift offered by the hive ecosystem for the people of Anwomaso. It was incredible to witness how much people appreciated a blockchain doing this to better lives in Ghana.

We (@mcsamm & @collinz) write with tremendous joy because we are proud of the influence the hive ecosystem has had on people's lives via us. We want to thank everyone who has helped us from the beginning of the hive empowerment initiative in Ghana. I am overjoyed and hoping that the hive's increased attention and popularity will help improve people's lives and attract more individuals to the ecosystem.

Oyerepa TV also broadcasted the same news on their radio. The number of comments and discussion concerning hive blockchian shown on their internet news channels are amazing. Many Ghanaians have voiced their enthusiasm for such a blockchain to help improve lives and make Ghana a better place. According to Nana Yaa Adwoa Agyeiwaa, a TV host, hive blockchain should be commended hugely for supplying Ghanaians with safe drinking water. She challenged Ghana's youth to imitate the honesty and hard work of the local Ghanaians (@mcsamm and @collinz) who has serve a community in Ghana with potable water through the hive ecosystem.

On this point, we would want to notify all hivers of our achievement in empowering lives in Ghana via hive promotions. Many Ghanaians have contacted us to learn more about the hive. Oyerepa TV is one of Ghana's most viewed TV stations and radio stations, and we aim to appear for an interview to talk more about the hive ecosystem's ambition of empowering communities and making hive known to those willing to invest all in it. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our success.

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This is certainly sensational.

It's encouraging to see that Hive is receiving more attention and that the Hive Projects are helping to spread the word. Hive is changing lives😊

You're so right bro, thanks always.

Its nice to see the coverage that the borehole well is getting on local news!

I'm proud to be part of the Hive community and its great to see our community make a difference in people's lives. Thanks for everything you have done and thanks for keeping us informed here of everything that is happening with the borehole projects!

You have contributed greatly with you daily support to this project. Thanks always @kenny-crane

This is sensational. It is great exposure for Hive as well as showing the potential of this blockchain. Hopefully some of the residents in Ghana realize the opportunity and start to get involved.

Many say cryptocurrency is a scam yet here is an example where you were paid out in HBD to complete these projects.

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An interview section is scheduled to explain more on the TV. I'm this is going to help us share more about hive.

The Hive community can feel a sense of pride and achievement in helping to improve the lives of many people while also promoting Hive's powerful tools to many people at the same time. Thanks to all for their hard work. This is more proof that Hive opens the door to win, win, win situations - everyone wins!

Isn't it amazing? I am very delighted to have been a part of the incredible development that the hive ecosystem has brought to the people of Ghana. We are definitely winning with everyone.

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Thank you very much @bhattg

WOW. That is so awesome.

We are making good progress with hive promotion here in Ghana.


Hive is the best to share with the world. Thanks for helping to make this lovely.

Always 👌

This is amazing news to hear and great to see the good work it is doing around the world, and i hope it continues to help people in ghana for the better

The people are over excited for the gift hive hive provided in Ghana.

Wow am over joyed myself just by watching Hive televised on Ghana's national TV.
Well done to mcsamm & collinz you guys are doing great with the help of Hive hopefully we get more Ghanaians join Hive to tap into the opportunities we have here first hand.

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Thanks for your addition. Hive blockchain needs to be given as a free gift for the many youths who are ready to make significant impacts in their lives and that of others.

Fuck yeah guys! This is fantastic.

Thanks to you too.

Wonderful news! ❤️ to Ghana & to Hive!!

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We are making great history with Ghana. And more is yet to be done.

Some great news... Spreading the word across the world 👏

Let's all do our best in helping to spread hive.

You're right mate..

Good job guys keep up the good work!

Wow... congratulations hive for this great and awesome success..

Salute to all of you guys.

We are grateful sir.

Indeed sir..thanks to hive

Well done! Hats off to you and your team effort!
Who could have imagined that your initiative would make so rich and wide ripples!


We are truly proud of this far hive has got to in Ghana

More good results will come to you in the near future!!

Good luck.

That's awesome news.. keep up the great work

Thank you sir.

Congrats for this awesome labor

Wow this is the first of its kind. You've really made a successful impact. So proud of you brother. Hoping to see many more Ghanaian being onboarded on hive. Well done @mcsamm

Thank you, sir.

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This is awesome! Wish I could see these news on every local television!

That will be awesome, we hope to see our work on other TV programs too.

Many congratulations bro. Your work is speaking volumes. We are proud of you all. ❤️

This is motivational, thank you.

You are most welcome buddy! Cheers.

Wow, amazing to hear. Spread hives still a lot of people don't know regarding it.

Everyone is expected to get involved.