Closing 2023 with 14th hive borehole in Ghana.

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We are delighted to present the official commencement of the 14th hive borehole project in Ghana, which will commemorate the end of a fantastic year, 2023. This initiative demonstrates the hive blockchain's constant dedication to positively impacting IMG_20231102_185449_689.jpg

The hive borehole effort has been a light of hope for communities throughout Ghana and around the world, delivering clean drinking water. As we begin work on the 14th borehole, we welcome you to join us in celebrating this historic occasion.

Make a note of it on your schedule and set a notification! The video not only shows the start of the event, but it also provides insights into the hive blockchain's influential actions throughout the year. Be a part of this inspirational adventure as we bring 2023 to a conclusion on a positive note.

IMG_20231102_185501_564.jpgcommunities throughout the world

Stay tuned for further announcements, initiatives, and meaningful projects in 2024 as we wrap out the year with the 14th hive borehole. We collaborate on creating a future in which positive transformation knows no limitations.



Completed Hive Boreholes in Ghana
1st hive borehole - Fawoade, Ghana

2nd hive borehole - Agona Bedomase, Ghana

3rd hive borehole - Anwomaso, Ghana

4th hive borehole - Pentecost sch Bremang, Ghana

5th hive borehole - Jamasi Dawu

6th hive borehole - Asamang

7th hive borehole - Asamang

8th hive borehole- Chichibon

9th hive borehole - Chanshegu

10th hive borehole - Gbamyamli

11th hive borehole - Kanvili-kukuo

12th hive borehole - Asamankama A

13th hive borehole - Asamankama B


Project : Construction of borehole
Location : Ghana, West Africa
Sponsor : @valueplan
Project manager : @mcsamm & @collinz


Changing lives with hive.

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Very great to hear another community is about to enjoy this magnificent project from Hive

Yes. It's an honor.

This is highly commendable. Well-done bro, it's great you are affecting life positively via HIVE.....

We're doing our best. Thanks bro.

This is great 👍 keep on the good works

Thank you.

Amazing work in one year!! Within twelve months only! More than one per month! Non stop working! I am still waiting for one in my garden! 😂

We really wish we could build hive borehole in every household, where everyone will drink hive.