Blast From Da Past

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Here are some of my most treasured memories. They capture remnants of my past.

The first half of the video are snippets from my hitchhiking journey across Europe i embarked on during 2017-2018...starting with my 9 months (on and off) working for the World Peace Cafe for room and board; this was where i honed my Barista skills...i became a fuckin monster on that Coffee Machine...and this skill has served me well.

During my time in Kelmarsh and Thornby, i got to meet many peoples from many walks of life. It was the hardest time of my life (i thought getting robbed in Brussels, Belgium, whilst sleeping in the central train/bus/coach station by three Arabs, with no money, no clothes, no gear, just a silver tongue...sweet talkin my way back to England for free, was rough...). But i got to be part of a tight knit group of people...Marco of beautiful Olivia of Norway (we never had enough time my still have my most treasured Swiss Pocket Watch?)...funky ass Cammy of France...Chris the Spaniard , the seeker of Chinese Babes...womanly Amadine of France...Old Fart Simon from New Zealand....Danny the quiet freak...Tam the wildflower...Lily the soulful...Martha the exotic...Ben, the silent stoner...I miss you all with quiet fury.

There were many videos such as "Places of Sleep"; my most lonesome time in Magleby, Denmark during Winter; my journey through Berlin, Germany; my brief time getting stoned to the mf-ing bawlz in Zagreb, Croatia; being picked up by a heroin addict speeding on the Germany highways at 140+mph...watching the guy doze off on the wheel and me just waiting to die anytime; my absolute struggles in Turkey where i almost got was a most excellent time and these memories, though not recorded in full, remain in my life.

The sweat equity i traded allowed me to earn just enough to get a plane ticket to my home in Hong Kong. 2018 was the last time i was with my family, before the Great Divide of Agenda 2030 came. It was also the last time i walked truly amongst my people, in the city that i always wanted to belong in, but for the life of me i could not achieve it. In the video you will meet two of my HK friends i had once, Derek and the other dude i forgot his name. We met in Romania, during my solo backpacking journey in 2016 from Greece to Ukraine. I got to reunite with my two friends in 2018, where they took me to some place in Tsim Sha Tsui to play snooker; we then went to Diamond Hill, where i cooked steak for my friends with red wine (just to relive our time together in Moldova and our month together in Ukraine - this was before they knew about my night where i ended up at a Ukrainian Brothel in Kharkiv, by accident... I don't know what's happened to my two HK friends since 2020 happened. If you cocksuckaz are out there, hit me up ffs.

The latter half of the video tells of my travels through Argentina with my Mentor, brother and friend, Michael Vincent, where we traveled Buenos Aires, Montevideo (Uruguay) and finally Tandil, the home of the artist i look up to the most...Rene Lavand (with thanks to Nora, Rene's Wife). We don't talk no more since my decision to step away from the smart phone control grid and to walk the path of "Extricate The System". In fact i've lost contact with most of my friends in the world of sleight of hand and Prestidigitation. I cannot begin to tell you of my sorrow...realizing my audiences are all morons for putting up with the convid fraud, for selling the entire world on the premise of ignorance and lies; i am most angry at my friends in Magic who consider themselves students of Deception, Artifice and Subterfuge....all bullshit talk; finally i am most disappointed in myself for not being able to help my Mentor wake up to whats happening...with his voice, his reputation, his influence...he could be saving many lives...i took a gamble to wake my Mentor and it turned out that i would lose that brotherhood instead.

I pack the remnants of my artistic life to one side, as if packing a bowl of pipe tobacco, because it hurts too much knowing my artistry never truly blossomed in my life. And now it seems my time has run out in the face of the looming Agenda 2030.

To truly know me you must spend time with me either in person (note: plain English, not corrupt-legal-speak), or on the road, or whilst doing tremendous bong hits, or by experiencing my performances on stage...with stories to tell and my 52 companions.

My last moments found me in Leipzig, Germany, where i worked at a place called Pizza Lab for room and board as a Pizza Chef. I listened to Bruce Lee a lot during this time. I also did my one man show for them, called "And a Pack of Cards..." which is also a very good book on card magic by Jack Merlin. These people, they were all my road family whom i also miss with maddening emotions. Them gravity bong hits were TREMENDOUS.

In this perpetual shuffling of life....i walk on.

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