Pizza Express - 5 Month Journey

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After hunting for several hours, we finally saw a large seal sunning itself on a flat rock. I took one of the wooden clubs while Larry took the longer one. We slowly snuck up behind the seal until we were close enough to club it over its head. The seal slumped over and died. This seal would help us survive. We could eat the meat and fat. The fat could be burned in a shell for light and the fur could be used to make a blanket. We declared our first day of hunting a great success.
Finding the red rose in the mailbox was a pleasant surprise for Sarah. She didn't have a boyfriend or know of anyone who was interested in her as anything more than a friend. There wasn't even a note attached to it. Although it was a complete mystery, it still made her heart jump and race a little more than usual. She wished that she could simply accept the gesture and be content knowing someone had given it to her, but that wasn't the way Sarah did things. Now it was time to do a little detective work and try to figure who had actually left the red rose.
He swung back the fishing pole and cast the line which ell 25 feet away into the river. The lure landed in the perfect spot and he was sure he would soon get a bite. He never expected that the bite would come from behind in the form of a bear.
Eating raw fish didn't sound like a good idea. "It's a delicacy in Japan," didn't seem to make it any more appetizing. Raw fish is raw fish, delicacy or not

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I worked in a few kitchens/bars when I was young and I miss the camaraderie of those places. It was unlike any other job and it didn't matter which kitchen you worked in. The people just seemed to band together better in kitchens.

Thats the way it is man.

Right now i am feeling great regret for not showing up at the farewell drinks party. From what i hear, i let a lot of people down. But i don't do well sayin goodbye.

I got that from the reefer ramble that I started watching last night before falling asleep. I can't find it now to finish watching.

I get that way too. Often with funerals but occasionally I work with people I truly love and respect so it is very hard to deal with that. Especially when you don't want to let all your feelings be known in case they aren't reciprocated.

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