Joys Of The Pipe-Weed

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He swung back the fishing pole and cast the line which ell 25 feet away into the river. The lure landed in the perfect spot and he was sure he would soon get a bite. He never expected that the bite would come from behind in the form of a bear.
He heard the crack echo in the late afternoon about a mile away. His heart started racing and he bolted into a full sprint. "It wasn't a gunshot, it wasn't a gunshot," he repeated under his breathlessness as he continued to sprint.
There was a reason for her shyness. Everyone assumed it had always been there but she knew better. She knew the exact moment that the shyness began. It had been that fateful moment at the lake. There are just some events that do that to you.

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I really enjoyed this video and I am going to start looking for a pipe and some tobacco. I have no idea where I will get the stuff but I can at least start the search.

Grab yourself a Falcon Pipe, classic straight stem with a plymouth detachable bowl.

Over your side of the World you have access to some great blends which we don't get over here, such as:

(RIP to Matches 860...)

I checked out those and a lot of other videos. That's a lot of great information so thanks. I'll see if I can find a falcon pipe but they don't seem very plentiful here. I might have to order one online.