Hive Blockchains Ads Campaign for Latin America

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Hello dear community, today we would like to present to you a small advertising campaign created to attract users to the HIVE platform within the Hispanic community, this is within the framework of the program established in our DHF Proposal for the year 2021.

Instagram Ads Campaign for Latin America

In this opportunity, we made a small video of 20 seconds in order to promote HIVE through blogging and content creation. For this purpose, we had $100 looking for an audience between 18 to 55 years old interested in the areas of technology, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies.

The summary of the campaign so far is as follows:

As you can see a total of 28,012 people have been reached of which at least 148 have clicked the advertising sign-up button. This button is linked directly to the @ecency account registration window:

We hope that this campaign will serve to attract potential Latin American users, considering the growing boom in trading and crypto-assets that the Latin American region is having.


Hola querida comunidad el día de hoy queremos presentarles a ustedes una pequeña campaña publicitaria creada para atraer usuarios a la plataforma de HIVE dentro de la comunidad hispana, esto en marco del programa establecido en nuestra DHF Proposal del año 2021.

En esta oportunidad realizamos un pequeño video de 20 segundos encargado de promocionar HIVE mediante las tareas de blogging y creación de contenido. Para tal fin se dispusieron $100 buscando una audiencia de entre 18 a 55 años de edad interesados en las áreas de tecnología, blockchain y criptomonedas.

El resumen de la campaña hasta el momento se puede observar en la parte superior.

Como pueden observar se a alcanzado un total de 28012 personas de las cuales al menos 148 han dado click al botón de registro de la publicidad. Este botón está enlazado directamente a la ventana de registro de cuentas de @ecency

Esperamos que esta campaña sirva para atraer a potenciales usuarios latinos, considerando además el creciente auge en materia de trading y crypto activos que esta teniendo la región latinoamericana. (2).gif (1).gif

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Gracias por compartir tu contenido con la comunidad de Fundacoven (@fundacoven), el mismo a sido votado por nuestra iniciativa de curación para la comunidad venezolana e hispana. Si deseas puedes seguir nuestra cuenta para conocer sobre nuestra fundación.

Latin America is a prime market for crypto adoption. is there any translation of what the ad is saying?

I think it would be helpful to share the existing community size. Something like "Come join the x million people already earning with HIVE" or something to that effect. We want people to know that this is nit some random shitcoin with a dead community, there is a flourishing ecosystem here.

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Hi anarchist! Yes we are working on a English version of the same ads but for Twitter. The only think is that for some reason Twitter does allow our prepaid visa card. If that don't get possible we will do it on Instagram too but in English language and USA community.
Also the video is free for use by everyone.

The ads say:


Where your ideas have value! Join now and generate REWARDS!


Art, Music, Video, Blog.
Generate rewards, in HIVE Blockchain

Cool, appreciate the translation.

For the prepaid card, most prepaid card do not work for international purchases, I think that is why. What country are you using the prepaid cards from? Twitter is a USA company, so probably only USA prepaid cards will work.

The prepaid card is from Panama, really strange that work on Facebook ads (instagram), but dont work on twitter. But is ok. we will try maybe with a third party service

Yeah that is probably why it is not working. Also, the rules are not always enforced 100% perfectly. I have gotten prepaids to work maybe 10% of the time for certain international purchases. Some sites are also stricter than others, certain sites dont care and will break the rules and just accept anything and others have like 5 different security checks and decline all kinds of cards.

That is what I hate about cards, I have had literally hundreds of problems over the years, it is a nightmare. I would rather accept some risk and not have to worry about declined or block transactions. Its my money, i want to have control over spending it! And thats why I use crypto. :)

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I re-Blogged your post, I think this type of outreach is important.

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Good efforts! 💪 With our recent updates on Ecency mobile app, you can now track who signed up with your referrals and delegate them or watch their progress as they start earning their Points and Hive. You will see your referral rewards as well...