Changes and Sacrifices. Vlog #2

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I made it safely to Boise, Idaho. I had a great drive. It was as if the waters had parted for me on this journey to a place of perceived refuge and safety from a town that had rejected my truth telling ways. The drive was different than past drives. My neck was not stiff, my eyes were clear the whole whole way, my arms were steady and of course I was dancing the whole time! In the past I would have blurry eyes, stiff neck, and lack of stamina when embarking on long drives. I really was seeing the leaps and bounds I had made in my health, especially mental health with my drive to Boise, Idaho.

Before coming up here to Boise I asked @earthpurse777 about mask mandates, she said there was none. She did not tell me the whole town was wearing masks regardless of no Mask Mandates🤣. I might not had come to Boise had I known this fact to be honest. My PTSD does not permit myself to just simply cut off oxygen to my brain as it would further damage my brain. Also, it freaks me out not seeing people's faces. It is important for me to know if the people around me are smiling, frowning, or how they are reacting to situations.

Little did I fully understand was that Boise, Idaho is the San Francisco of Idaho. Meaning that this place is very Liberal. I see rainbow flags, bumper stickers expressing support for refugees, 95% of the people wearing masks are doing so as more of a virtue signal of compassion but not all are wearing them and no cares that much I am not wearing a mask either. I am noticing lots of males wearing rainbow glasses and maybe more dainty than expected. The females here are extremely attractive and better built, like stronger and taller, than the males which I am finding interesting. I am wondering how bisexual or lesbian the female population is here. Just interesting seeing the female population as stronger and more dominate than males. I was told Idaho was conservative with old school values and male dominate with strong bearded males but I am seeing the exact opposite in Boise, Idaho.

I can walk this town no problem and it's nice. I see a lot of people walking and exercising. I see trees, squirrels, snow, and just a thriving healthy community that is conscious. However, I think their consciousness is driven by the government and misguided as a result. Both liberal and conservative ideologies are driven by political parties only trying take people's money and resources in my opinion.

Already I find myself biting my lip where ever I go. I want to tell people I am from a future where diversity ruined everything. That Democratic policies ruined my town and my own life. Its a trojan horse meant to destroy cultures while displacing populations of people. But why should I even say anything unless asked? I am stranger in a strange town. I may have been sent here by God for reasons not pertaining to anything I am discussing here or maybe for these reasons, maybe to tell my story. Maybe my story will help provide balance to this culture's desire for diversity.

So yes, it is cold here. Lots of snow on the ground and while its nice, its still gray and dirty from all the cars. I see lots of squirrels and cats. Trees are abundant and I am sure it's a big part of why the air is so nice here compared to Las Vegas. My sleep is much better here. The vibration of this town is very very nice. The town shuts down between 8pm-10pm. The sun doesn't rise until 8:30 am. It is definitely not as sunny here as in Las Vegas.

My anxieties are dramatically lowered here. I am able to think here in Boise. I do not feel rushed or compelled to do anything but relax. I see life as beautiful out here and pure in many ways, other than clear goberment ideologies being cast onto the people with the school system and TV. I am so relaxed here I have yet to unpack my stuff. I feel less need to curate on Hive with @dynamichivers/ @dynamicsteemians.

I want to make a new discord for the people I onboard to Hive. I have too strong of a personality to allow random anonymously disguised people dictate to me to Use my F-ing brain or cast accusations towards me that are not factual in other established groups. I want a simple place where people are able to ask simple questions like, Why am I being downvoted? without censorship, or hey I want learn markdown and you can then have a room for markdown posts. I want a place where people feel it is ok to earn Hive on content they worked hard on and not feel awkward about it. I want to be a leader for people and be very hands on with them and not ignore their messages, especially direct messages. I do not want to push tokens on people or incentivize them that way. I want to see good posts and great effort put towards them. I want to be able to help that with out distracting tokenization.

I am seeing more clearly what I want to do with Hive in regards to building a community. I plan on building a community more so with people I personally on board and know in real life. There is this strange thing with people wanting to scam and game the system to be spiteful or as really a challenge to clear power structures in place that are acting hypocritically and politically driven.

So yeah started rambling here. It's my thoughts currently. I will be prioritizing my meditation, praying, relaxing, breathing and living in the now. Hive just does not seem that important like it did just a few days ago. I think I need to not worry about curation, supporting random people in random ways. It feels like I am human again, like I matter again. Its weird, to say that I matter again and that I want to enjoy life again. I think I need to meditate on where I want to start focusing my curation efforts and how to approach Hive. As it is I want to learn how to better develop these vlogs. I will be less attached to curation and other people for a fews days and focus on myself. These vlogs are kind of a reflection of that.

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Another great vlog, I was expecting more of dance 😉 .

Nice to know that you reached Idaho safely, and new discord server for the people you onboard sounds like a good plan to me. This way you can easily manage them. Btw, will I get the invite too? 😜

Looking forward to your upcoming vlogs. Take care and have fun in Idaho.


The dance is next! I promise you and @bhattg the next video for sure will be a dance... I had no room and had to unpack some. My energy is good and great day today!

Without a doubt a very deep post, where you reflect all the dereho you have to have a time of reflection and why not, even of virage. I still do not know much about this platform, rather every day there are more things that I can not understand, I see it as a great giant, but in which I enjoy writing, but especially in which I can write whatever I want. I look forward to this time, be it what you need and give you the approach that will lead you to the best path. One sees hear that when you are no longer comfortable with something you must change, but there are different ways to see or make the change, and without a doubt the change is in your hands. This time will take you to him. A big greeting @dynamicgreebtk 🌺.

Hello! I appreciate your heartfelt comment on my post! I love that you recognize the change I am experiencing and see that change can be uncomfortable. I do hope that I get closer to Him and time can only tell what kind of mess I am making of things😁.

I sincerely hope so, that time will be your ally. Change is not easy and there will always be backlash, but even with that, time 🕐 also helps.

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The sun is hiding behind the cold! I also learned to speak less and listen more, very helpful. Hollar if I can help somehow

Yeah man I am always open for input... just try to laugh as you see your old bald buddy dance in my next video!


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I saw you post few days ago about you moving, I intended coming back it but skipped my mind. Welcome to your new place of resident, hopefully you settling in well. By the way compliments of the new year bro.

You are welcome bro, am slaving away at another project like the one I did last year where I wait forever to get paid, this time away from home 😀

Bro, what on earth? Man, well I do hope you know what you are doing!

Hahaha! Its the better option I've got for now

I've been thinking about you @dynamicgreentk I've been laying low but coming back alive post flu. Anywho...I am loving your authentic sharing. You truly are a gem 🤗 Now I have to catch up with you... 😁 Much Love!

Hey! I just ventured to your profile and noticed you are in Portland! Way cool I forgot you were so close! I hear this weird head cold thing/ flu was impacting people out there. I hope you are recovering ok and that you start to get to posting again! I really appreciate ya keeping in contact. Maybe some day soon I will be in the area as people here in Boise venture out to Portland quite a bit. I am not sure but are you connected to @elamental, @kennyskitchen and crew out in that area?

Well, I'm not in PDX yet! I took a waylay 2.5 years ago and hope to be back very soon! My life, my love, my dreams are there. I love the PNW. I cannot live without mountains and oceans. We plan on doing some road tripping and we will definitely hook up somewhere, yes? I'd love to see Boise, too. I love those little liberal bubbles, to be honest. Whether I agree with them or not. I've heard Boulder, CO is similar. I'm not connected to those two people in Portland but I will follow them so I remember when I'm home...thank you!

Its funny you said liberal bubbles lol... Yeah Boise is totally a liberal bubble! Those two I mentioned are way cool people and transcend the politics in many ways and are just honest community driven people who I wish I was living closer to! You might enjoy Boise more than you might expect esp the North End area. I know I am not liberal or conservative, def not liberal more so but I am finding this place very enjoyable!

I think I remember you mentioning saying you were not in the area of Portland before. Sorry for forgetting. I have not done a great job keeping in contact with people like I should and been all over the place.

I do not check my protonmail as often as I should but feel free to reach out, Maybe we can grab a cup of coffee or whatever if you are driving through.

Sounds great! I've got you down...

oh, what beautiful words, it hurts that I did not understand what you say in the video but I had the pleasure of seeing you. You can count on my help. It would be a pleasure for me to help you in this wonderful life as it is the beginnings of a new HiVe user. It would be great to see you create a discord server where a beautiful community is created. Sorry that no can use other means of chat for communication. greetings enjoy your trip...

Pain is temporary but pride is forever ❤️