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Today was an ok day. I am trying to be more social by living with @earthpurse777 and accepting her invites to go out to places in town. She has errands that she does daily and offers to take me out to places she goes. Over time I have found myself not excited about mingling with people. Today after the ama at @threespeak I went on some errands with her. Usually, I am a homebody and opt to stay at home. I see how how unhealthy that has made me over time so I am trying to change certain things about myself by being more involved with people and the things that people do. Life has beat me down in ways and I have developed trust issues that I feel I need to change. I have seen the dark side of people and society that brought me to an isolating place where I feel Hive has helped me stay sane in ways.


Before traveling with Earthpurse to various places I enjoyed a very productive ama over at the Threespeak discord. To see the topics discussed I encourage you to visit the overview from @starkerz to see what was discussed or wait until the Community Token Talk is published on Hive.

At the ama for threespeak, I brought in @dynamicrypto and @logiczombie to join in. @dynamcrypto is just honestly trying to be more involved with Hive other than just sharing his crypto views and @logiczombie has concerns about free speech and finding a platform for their journalism that many are unaware they are involved in. I told logic there is a promising solution emerging with the Spk network and Threespeak.

I feel Free Speech is an important thing that is being oppressed in this world and currently on Hive. Speaking freely and speaking truth to power is something that will destroy a person in many ways mainly monetarily. While I did stand up to a powerful multi-national union and multi-national corporation and lost everything in the two year process, I still came out on top with gaining my career back. This was bittersweet considering I need to be vaccinated just to return to work that is awaiting me. I have spent lots of time in a hospital as a child being treated as a guinea pig as a result of adverse reactions to vaccines.


The process of standing up for myself was isolating and only furthered my distrust in the government, organized institutions, corporations and even my fellow friends/coworkers. They tried doxing me unsuccessfully and the lawyer for the corporation, Encore Event Productions, got fired in the process trying to do so. But long story short, I know it is possible to stand up to power and win.


For the entirety of the ama, censorship was the theme with the audience as the people of Hive are growing tired of the downvotes centered on the truth community. I have made a bigger deal than I want to about this recently in communities for Hive on discord. I want to use Hive for reasons other than what I initially joined Steem for in 2017. In 2017 my favorite content creator, @theouterlight, was censored so heavily that he moved to Steem and encouraged his audience to do so. Since then I found a different purpose on Steem/Hive other than supporting truth content which was creating farming content and supporting others with a curation trail that once fed people in Africa while encouraging quality content creation and participation on the blockchain. I think there is an opportunity for us all to utilize Hive as a way to supplement our income to allow for our morals not to be compromised while expressing ourselves freely.


Without dwelling too much on the complicated issue of downvotes, I want to say I think there is hope to be able to utilize Hive as a way to show we can use our brains, own our content and still earn from it all so as to not compromise who we are. I think we are a young chain with a wide open future that is in our collective control. Together we can find solutions to perceived problems that include second layer solutions, bridges to other cryptos and even simply tipping.

After the ama, I went with @earthpurse777 to grab some coffee grounds and straw for a friend in town and the local farm she tends to. On this trip we discussed the hardships she is having as well as other farmers in town. The money us farmers have to spend on things is only over shadowed by the time we spend farming. Often our time and investments are undervalued and taken for advantage. Farming and helping helping others is always a one way street it seems. We talked about seeing notable and even successful farmers simply getting 9-5 jobs after being taken advantage of for many years. It is sad and I aim to change this with Hive. But I feel that maybe I have lofty goals and perhaps insane for thinking Hive can help people in the situations that we are in as farmers. Sustainability is a daunting concept in the farming world much less on Hive. Existing power structures, corporations and governments are like this wall that is unclimbable it would appear for people trying to find a better way to live, farm and create content. But I know it is possible, I know we can do it. I believe in tomorrow, I still think we can achieve a better sustainable tomorrow without perceived fears or organizations trying to hold us back.

I discussed with Earthpurse wanting to rebuild my discord I recently deleted and getting business cards to better connect with people to understand Hive in a more simple way as well as having a simple hangout for help with Hive content creation. I have some ideas that I am working on to make Hive content creation more intuitive and less daunting, Threespeak will be a big part of this plan.


Tomorrow, I will be attending a meet and greet for gardeners and farmers in town. I wish I had these business cards ready as well as a discord but I am taking it easy and one step at a time. People do not like being rushed and I am on God's time not mine. I have a greater purpose now which is to enjoy life, help Earthpurse with paying rent and being of service. I can feel something emerging here in Idaho that is amazing. I can feel big things emerging before me that is hard to ignore. I can see it all just materializing before me. I just need to do better keeping my ego in check, my mouth less lose, with my expectations at a minimum. God always gives what we need not what we want. Currently, it would appear God is surrounding me in unfathomable ways. I think I need Idaho and Hive more than I ever expected but is that the case? I do not know... only time will tell!

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You such a beautiful voice, he he he, and it's complimented by the fact . God with You dear @dynamicgreentk.

Thank you for your beautiful words!

I am loving your journey! I was not aware of the free speech issue on Hive. That's very unfortunate. I hope we can change that around. If we want it to happen, we can do it. I'd love, love, love to participate in your Discord when you do that, too. Much Love...

Well free speech is not really that much of an issue I would say other than a few things like speaking out against the science from the government and the corporations that fund it. People can still speak freely just like at your job you might lose money from speaking freely. Anymore, I think it is not as big of a deal as it may seem to be. I also find that a lot of people, not all, are disrespectful when responding to millionaires.

I completely agree with the sentiment about free speech. My hope for blockchains like this is that, even if there are polarizing opinions that are shared, we can still have discussion about it like adults. I'd personally like to see well thought-out "heated" debates in which ideas are targeted and discussed rather than making ad hominem attacks and calling for "cancelling" like what you typically see on Twitter. I'm hopeful for the future of Hive and other blockchains that strive to uplift the free voice of the people and allow critical thinking and constructive criticism and debate to take place uncensored. Thank you for the post, I enjoyed hearing your thoughts!

Well there is a certain element to Hive that still maybe is too reflective of the real world. I mean what job can you find where you can freely speak your mind without consequences? But still yet no matter how heavy a person gets downvoted their speech can still be seen. Its just how tough of a person are ya, not you, but how much are you willing to lose? Do you think the people around you are willing to stand with ya as you lose everything from standing for what you might think is right? Anyways at least with Hive they can not delete your account or take the money you have in your wallet... just the paycheck from the community or your reputation... In real life or twitter we can be deleted easily but here on Hive you can have true grit and no matter how often you get let down by the people around you, you can still spit and yell out to the moon and still be standing with a voice.

I don't have a problem with people agreeing with me or not, I just like the idea of the platform not censoring what IS being said! And ultimately, I don't see a lot happening to reputation when you're sharing opinions unless they're things like "PedOPhiLia iS OkAY." Ultimately, I think people are reasonable enough to engage in meaningful discourse, and value the right to free speech without necessarily valuing what is being said.

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