Walking around the neighborhood. Vlog #6

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I think I am finally understanding that I am here in Boise to relax. I took a walk around my neighborhood here in this video. I talked about taking it easy, a person I met named Matt that I am close to onboarding to Hive who has an ambitious sustainable farming plans for his community in Boise, Idaho as well as showing yall the chocolate shop, local pubs and even a candle shop in my neighborhood! There is even a G. Wilikers toy merchant shop?! I thought G. Wilikers was just a old saying. Lol huh...

I am starting to think I am on vacation and not some quest to onboard people to Hive or to even farm. There is something about life I think I am finally starting to understand or feel again. Maybe it is this prolonged feeling of having no anxiety from external sources like the city lights and the vibe of gambling where people are always losing that is putting me into a new state of mind.

My Hive package with the Hive hoodies and beenie from @hivebuzz I ordered got stolen by, I mean lost by fedex. Not the first time I had a package lost by them. Instead of reordering a new one I took it as a sign to not worry about Hive and not try to do too much with Hive aside from helping the few who are truly interested in it join and still yet I will be trying to have them focus on @threespeak.

There is this beautiful thing called life happening outside. Why not enjoy its more?

Do you want me to start making curation posts again with @dynamichivers? Say something if so... Maybe I should start making threespeak curation posts hmm that actually sounds good to tell you the truth! @vaultec thanks man for all your help today uploading this video!


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Do you want me to start making curation posts again with @dynamichivers?

Well this is weird. I was just saying something about that less than 30 minutes ago.


I know right? This is where community is important and having people remind you that you are doing something special and touching other people's lives in a impactful way! @pixiepost has been on the same kind of universal tip as well with her messages/posts.

Looking forward to your post today or tomorrow whenever that is actually as I think you are a genius content creator! To have you give me encouragement to carry on curating means a lot when a brilliant person like yourself provides a little love!

having no anxiety from external sources

This right here has to be the greatest felling around, Wish I could get me some of that haha

Yeah man let's see how long this lasts before life starts knocking at the door!😄

Haha, Hopefully a long time but life, Always gets in the way haha

As noble an effort helping people onboard to Hive is, sometimes it is far more effective and beneficial for everyone involved if you take time to "stop and smell the roses". As a professional counselor, I'm always aware of my limited resources, and the need to stop and recharge wherever I can do that I can be present and invested in my clients. I love that you are whispering this for yourself in Boise. Enjoy your time there, brother, I'll bet the roses smell fine!

Well nothing is in bloom to be able to smell the roses per say 😜 but yes it has been great to recharge and relax or at least start to do so! I did not know you were a professional counsellor and that is very intriguing! I just just your recent post and seems to be centered on such matters involving counselling. I will be getting to it very soon today to learn more about ya! Thank you for stopping by my post today!

hahaha, this is true! The time to smell the roses will come in a few months or so, I suppose! I'm so glad you've had the time to begin recharging! Yeah, I'm a professional counselor, specializing in EMDR trauma therapy! I can write a little post about that in the future if that seems intriguing to folks! The post on shame is very much something that came from counseling experiences, and revolves more around my personal thoughts on it - growing up in the Bible Belt of the USA and being brought up in a "shame culture" so to speak. I love talking about it and breaking down the walls of shame in those who I interact with, so I hope you enjoy the read!
It was my pleasure to stop by, thank you again for sharing your experiences!