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Yesterday was a really great day here in Boise, Idaho. A few important events happened that really excited me! First off, I needed water and I found out that the local Co-Op, Boise Co-op North End, was only a two minute walk from the place I am living at. This place had filtered water that I needed to get.

boise co-op resize.png

Having this store so close to where I was living was ideal since I would be carrying my water containers by hand from the store. This store also sells local raw milk and has conscious food products that I prefer to buy as opposed to the normal corporate stores I am used to in Las Vegas, NV, where the food is typically not local, machine manufactured and chemical laden. I also found there was not much of a price difference with the food products I am used to buying!

I told @earthpurse777, who I am living with, that in the near future I would want to buy a bicycle to travel to the farms and local churches near by in my quest to onboard local people to Hive. I think having a form of transportation that would allow for me to get to places faster might be ideal as I do have ambitious plans and maybe my schedule will not allow me to simply walk 3-5 miles from location to location, while still doing daily Vlogs on Hive. @earthpurse777 informed me that there was a local coffee shop in town that sold used bicycles and boutique coffee! This place was called Bikes and Beans Boise. After Earthpurse would get off work, she said we would go and explore this place and grab a cup of coffee in the afternoon. There they had a bicycle shop where they repaired bicycles and had single origin coffee which was prepared using a scale and exact water temperatures required to make the perfect cup of coffee!

bikes and beans resize.png



After I made a vlog on Threespeak, Earthpurse made her way back home and ushered us to this coffee place that also sold bicycles. When we arrived I saw there was bicycles for sale from $200 usd-$5000 usd. The $200 usd bicycle looked very sufficient for my needs but did not buy it for lack of funds and really I would not need a bicycle until the weather warmed up. I am still getting the feel of this town and have been hesitant to start filming and taking pictures of everywhere I go, the last thing I want to do right now is look like a star struck tourist and stick out like a sore thumb. Earthpurse showed me the bicycle shop and how there was used coffee grounds she would pick up for her garden. The bulk coffee here was very affordable and worth getting at $60-70 usd for 5 pounds of single origin coffee beans.

After a little tour of the coffee shop that sold bicycles, we ordered our coffee. The lady making our coffee was very friendly and helpful. As she made our coffee, using the pour over method, she told us about her travels through Spain and even the local area where I could find cool spots to hang out at and meet locals. I found out that her partner was also a ballet instructor in town for a performing arts center. The conversation was fast paced so I didn't have a chance to talk about Hive initially.

With our coffee in hands we left the store and explored the local German Deli and went to the fish market next door. I had quickly drank my single sourced Ethiopian pour over during these quick visits. I requested we travel to the coffee place again, something told me I needed to go back. Earthpurse agree to travel back to the coffee shop. I felt I needed to promote Hive and tell this lady about a way for her partner and herself to use Hive to own content that they surly had to share.

So off we went back to this coffee place! I was determined to promote Hive and start this journey of Onboarding conscious and smart individuals to Hive. Earthpurse and I ordered the same types of coffee but only this time I told the barista lady all about Hive. I was trying to tell her about how Hive is not algorithm based, it is decentralized and you can own your content! This sparked her interest. She was actually quite interested it seemed. As we were talking her partner showed up! This was where I really lean in heavy on promoting Hive! I explained to him that there was a video sharing platform called @threespeak based off Hive. I went over the future Peer2Peer applications of peerplays and a general overview of how threespeak worked with earning cryptocurrency and sharing video content that you could actually own. He had some concerns but was excited as he had 100s of hours of unreleased content that he could share. His main concern was the music in his content. So I promised I would find out about music publishing rights and how that would be addressed with threespeak. We exchanged emails. Apparently, according to Earthpurse, this person I had just met was the main guy to talk to for onboarding artists and making connections in town for them. Way cool! The first person in town I talked to about Hive were these major influencers for artists and performers locally?! This encounter made me want to get buisness cards for Hive. I really need to build my discord again and get some buisness cards!

We made our way back home after our second cup of coffee. I admittedly have a bad tobacco habit. I love organic tobacco. In Las Vegas my nerves were shot and tobacco offered a relief to my anxiety. This was something I did not fully enjoy however as most of my life since 12 years old I have been physically active and very fit. So finding myself getting older, 37 years old next month on February 5th, I have been wanting to start to get back into better cardiovascular shape. Physically, thanks to my keto diet and a lifetime of exercise, I am very slim and muscular but my cardio is lacking big time. I have a window facing the street where I see people jogging all day. This is very motivating. So I threw away my pack of smokes and went to the local gas station to get some vapor cartridges to help my nicotine addiction. So I starting walking to the gas station.

On my walk to the Gas Station down 13th street, I saw all the young college kids full of life. There was a lot of converted houses that were converted into stores and the area had a very vibrant feel to it. From antique shops, chocolate stores, pubs and even Fish taco spots; I got a San Francisco vibe that I really do miss. I spent lots of time in San Francisco in my 20s. I really do miss those times. The smells of chocolate, coffee and young kids who are in the prime of their life. I felt like I was in the right place and made the right choice in choosing Boise to start living my life again in a healthy way. I was feeling young again and not like some old fart of a man who was feeling 20 years older than I was.

I feel I rambled on with this post a bit longer than I wanted to. I want to say @bhattg I danced one out in this video for this post for you! Dancing for me is a big part of me. I love to dance all night next to subwoofers as big as me and being one with the night and music. So instead of generic gifs I bring you some goofy moves. I am no professional dancer by any means. Enjoy my good friend!

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wow sir that was a really great video thanks for the mention really means a lot to me 😊🙏, your room looks more organized than before 😅I painting did look great too.
yes the dance was good though it is good to see your videos this is really great happy for you sir have a great day week. Hope you will soon on board some cool people like you soon. 😍🙏


!giphy dance


Glad to hear you were NOT wearing sandals and shorts in Wisconsin!
Thanks for presenting on #PYPT, on @dreemport !

Well I am in Boise Idaho. I am getting back to breathing and feeling full of life again! I feel like life is worth living again and that I have control over my life and breathing in the past allowed for me to be barefooted in places like Denver Colorado in winter time. It is quite interesting that @thehive knew about me in ways. I wonder.... But yeah also interesting that the last last person i was intimate with, was from Wisconsin. I do miss her she was a handful though. Unfortunately, today was my last pypt. I do not align with pro government science views. Just me but I do not think it is cool be able to talk freely about issues but can not share in text specific things regarding vaccine issues. I think I have valid issues and concerns with blindly trusting the government and their profit driven science but what ever last thing I want to do is cause suffering. I want to be full of life and be happy! I think if you trust the government than fine cool! Just respect myself and my decisions. I think the government has a horrible history with decision making and should be left out of decisions made between you and your doctor.

That whole thing goes much deeper than many think and spans millennia.

Government has a history spanning millennias in regards to not caring about its citizens while being the biggest killer of people. They only take our resources and kill us. Why do people still trust them and to make medical decisions? I understand I am preaching to choir but just pissed at how people still think the government can be trusted

Cause it ain't the government.

I aint anti government. I aint pro government.
You read what I write and interpret it with your opinion. Your opinion of what I wrote is not what I wrote.

Well if it aint the government than whom is it? Surly its not fascism or corporations that control our governments...


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Loved the dance and the smile on your face was constant, you look happy and excited there. Good to know that you have already started talking to people about hive and helping in onboarding. Keep us update ✌🏻


Yeah I am pretty happy out here. Really enjoying myself out here. Now it is @bhattg's turn to dance but not sure he will 😅

I second that, we need @bhattg's dance video for sure😉

Loved that video man sounds like you made the right decision and happy for you to move forward with your life in a new setting. The painting was amazing and the dancing was awesome haha I love the positive energy you put out in it great stuff man.


Yeah I am way happy here! I have been promising @bhattg to give him some real dancing as opposed to gifs. Thanks for stopping by! I think I need to do better with your pizza novel! I think today I will take break from vlog and read some pizza stuff! I have so much respect for you and what you do for new users and pizza discord!

It is great to see you so happy!! You will get use to the cold as soon as it starts warming up LOLL

Keep looking for the light in each day and you will go far!!

So happy to see you back and enjoying the blockchain!

I really appreciate you stopping by and commenting! I am extremally happy an ready to take over the world with love and Hive! Hive is what we make of it. It is people like you that will help help Hive succeed in this new world! You are doing amazing things for hive! I appreciate you! I will make it a effort to participate in your initiatives!

Thank you but you just do what makes you happy. It is what we all need to start doing because happiness leads to laughter and that, my friend, leads to a better world.

Take your time and get settled. Find your grounding place. Then if you see a challenge that called to you YES!! write a post. But I am not going anywhere. I think my record shows I will always be here in one form or another :D

You are not going anywhere for sure. I wrote something yesterday but gotta make it more positive for the zombie thing. So Yeah it is about positivity and not causing suffering. Yesterday was a fustrating day for not because of idaho but because of discord. Today hopefully will be more focused and supportive in healthy way. Thanks for your positive outlook on life and approach to people. Surly it will be a big part of why I participate in your weekly challenges.

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.