Headmaster of Pentecost High School and Breman Community Express Their Gratitude to Hive Ecosystem

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One of the best moments we had while working on the Hive empowers communities projects is the chance we have had to engage with people from various walks of life. We have met a number of people through this project, many of whom we have had the opportunity to introduce to Hive.

As we always do, we celebrate the completion of every project with a unique event, which gives us the chance to inform people about Hive, its benefits, and how it can empower them to accomplish so much more.

Hive has indeed made a great impact, touching many lives with the four mechanized Boreholes constructed in communities that have experienced a water crisis. The Hive Empowers Communities Project is a good initiative that supporting communities and educating a lot of people about what Hive can actually do; the potential to address problems in the real world.

This video is about the Headmaster of Pentecost Senior High school showing his appreciation on behalf of the school and the Breman community to the Hive ecosystem. Hive had a significant impact in the Breman community with this project, and we were pleased with the number of people who discovered Hive for the first time during the launch.

Our gratitude goes out to the Hive ecosystem for the assistance in making this project a reality. Our special thanks to @guiltyparties @theycallmedan, @taskmaster4450, @doze, @ocdb, @resonator, @acidyo, @ackza, @v4vapid, @blocktrades, @adetorrent, @daveks, @bhattg @felixxx @newsflash @zuerich, @lichtblick, @dswigle, @tomhall, @bradleyarrow, @lichtblick, @awuahbenjamin, @ellizbeth for all the wonderful support towards the Hive Empowers Communities Project.

Project : Construction of borehole system

Location : Breman, Kumasi-Ghana

Sponsor : @valueplan

Project manager : @mcsamm & @collinz

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Heartwarming. It honestly is. God Bless you for making it happen.

Dear Denise, may God also bless you. In all activities and initiatives that promote the development of the Hive ecosystem, you consistently play a significant role. Many thanks @dswigle

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It is so amazing how the ecosystem could be on the lips of others.

It's good to see that, Hive deserves more attention

Absolutely brilliant and amazing 👏




Thank you my friend

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This is beautiful. God bless you guys for the hard work. Hope to see more of these impactful projects

amen 🙏, we hope to have more in many places

It's good to always show appreciation. Hive deserves to be praised for this great impact made in the school and in the community.

God bless Hive