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The blockchain technology and cryptocurrency may be alien to a lot of people expecially those who are not tech-savvy and have nothing to do with the current pace of technological innovations. For those who may not have heard about the Hive blockchain and its potential, the best we can do is to give the needed exposure and to connect them.

That's what we(@mcsamm and @collinz ) have been doing here in Ghana, introducing people to Hive and sharing with them the impacts that Hive is making. I have been privileged to give a talk about Hive in some of our promotional tours to schools and this has always been a nice experience and wonderful opportunity for me to share Hive with others.

This video is a brief talk I gave about Hive and the blockchain during our Hive educational tours to three schools in Ahsnati Region, Ghana. The good news is we have captured useful information on the books for the purpose of giving much education to students who we believe can be part of the Hive ecosystem and can put their skills and talents to good use.Hive is indeed changing lives.

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Cool 😇👌👌👌🍷... I hope it all works out good there soon.

Sure, with Hive there is more we believe we can achieve here in Ghana. thanks @foxkoit

Npr :) .... just not stop .

As rep's of the hive ecosystem, we project the brand in action. Thanks for the good job bro.

my pleasure, thank you also for all your wonderful contribution towards the making of these impacts in Ghana.

You guys are doing some awesome things.

Thank you. we look forward to doing more with Hive.

Amazing 👏




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An impressive initiative, hope that helps the boys to join us and help develop their own talents and skills and benefit from the HIVE ecosystem.

My best wishes for your project, best regards.

Yes, more will join us here; the only issue we've run into in these deprived areas of Ghana is a lack of Internet connectivity, but we'll work around it to see how we can best assist those who want to be a part of the Hive ecosystem. Thank you for your kind words.

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Done @arcange, keep the great work!

Thank you for your support @drakernoise, really appreciate it! 👍

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I must commend all your efforts for the consistent community development that you guys are engaged in.

I have similar passion here too in Nigeria. I'm learning and trusting God to start in my little corner.

I would like to link up with you please to learn more from you.

Well done for the good work sir.

You can if only you have the passion to see Hive travel to places to make an impact. You are always welcome bro

Thanks so much sir.

Please sir, help me with your discord address. I want discuss with you please.

Wonderful and congratulations, is good your project . Let's build our new world 🙂

Good one mate, good to see how hive Blockchain is definitely going global

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