How Hive Has Impacted My Life And Lives of Others

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Five years ago, I began my journey on the blockchain. That was when I had graduated from college, and life was extremely difficult for me at the time. It was also difficult to find a job at that time. My life started to take a truly positive turn when a friend of mine introduced me to the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. When I say a positive turn, I mean finding something that enabled me to recognise the true value of the knowledge and abilities I obtained at the university.

I've loved being able to share my ideas with other people on Hive and getting the opportunity to continually expand my expertise. As I participate frequently, I have also been able to to connect with many people from different parts of the world. Through this powerful blockchain, I was exposed to Hive Ghana team, which through the Hive empowers communities project we have been able to give hope to many individuals in our Ghanaian communities and keep making significant positive impacts.


In this video I share with everyone why Hive is capable of improving people's lives. My own experience and story , which I briefly shared would not be enough, therefore for those who require proof, I show them a good illustration of Hive's potential. The project management expertise I obtained while working on the Hive projects will be very beneficial and, I feel, will prepare me for numerous opportunities in the future. Hive is changing lives and indeed it is.

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Good that Hive is having some positive impact on your life.

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Has has made a great difference in my life. It is also a good news to see how other people in my community have also been impacted by the Hive.

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Dear, @collinz

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Thank you!

A true Hive ambassador. Keep going mate!

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Thank you, Hive is one of the best things that happened to me

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Well done, y'all are doing well.

We are proud of the impact made.

hi @collinz!

I love to hear about your life on #hive and your initiative!😍

Just wanted to tell you a small tip. When you are using this microphone, please reduce the volume up to 70% because it is very powerful and takes a lot of sounds or if you can't just put it far away from your mouth.

Thanks and regards,

Thanks for the guidelines really appreciate it a lot.