c0ff33 vlog 22nd October 2021

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Last Sunday and Monday involved an early trip to Harrogate to set up our stand at the Fine Food North show displaying @whiterosecoffee retail coffee selection including our Great Taste Awards winning origins. Covid is still doing exhibitions no favours so it was a little quiet - but at the same time some amazing produce from around the country on display.

Back to work and missing a day always means playing catch up, so a frantic week keeping up with orders and roasting coffee - orders are really picking up so we are all being kept busy plus with Christmas markets back this year stock needs to be sourced ready to supply those customers.

The constantly increasing pace of work is making evenings very short though, early starts and busy days see me in bed very early nowadays! I’ve found a little time to go through some movies including Logan and the Wolverine movies and a few of the X-Men movies - some of which I don’t remember watching but I’m sure I must have.





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Sounds like you're busy busy busy running up to Christmas, make sure to take some time for some RnR as 'all work and no play' and all that jazz 😂

I'm glad I stummbled upon this vlog as it reminded me I need to order some hive coffee again soon as supply is running low.

Which of your coffee types you mentioned in the vlog won the awards btw?

All the best c0ff33a 🙂

I guess I’m not the only one working long hours. Glad business is good, hopefully you can hire some more help.

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I believe after this year COVID-19 will no longer disturb you, peoples, production and supply because next, you have to send down my own coffee down to Africa