Watch the Golden costume (ସୁନା ବେଶ) of Lord Jagannath live

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Will be available till 11 pm IST

As I wrote in my last post, today is the special event named Suna Besha, and again, Puri is flooded with people. But thanks to technology, we are able to see it live , being broadcasted by many channels. And this is a high secure event, having several restrictions in place. For example, minimum of 25 storekeepers accompanied by armed policemen bring them to decorate the lords. And no one is allowed to go near the chariots, only except few priests. Devotees can see the God only from distance. You can definitely see the ocean of faith at one place to get a glimpse of the God in this rare appearance - his hand and feet (apart from many other decorations) are decorated to be completed with gold. And not only that, the third eye of all the gods are also represented by ornaments like diamond and emerald. Here is a tweet that shows some still pictures, which will make you mesmerized.

And as I mentioned, where ever there is a Jagannath temple, the same is followed. Here are some clips from an event happening here in local temple. We all seek the blessings wherever we can.






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Jagannath Rath Yatra origenated in Orissa but now organized in so many cities in India. In our city in Rajasthan, a huge yatra was organized. It was amazing!

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I always love the Indian tradition and festive organises which is always colourful with people around to celebrate, thanks for sharing.

The festival are so special. And the traditions are all so amazing and colors are vivid !

It is always exciting to learn about other cultures and one as interesting as that of your country. Also, always seeing a crowd like this is great after spending spare moments due to COVID-19

How are you dear friend @sanjeevm good day
What beautiful celebrations you have in your town, I admire how they promote local customs
I appreciate you sharing your traditions with us
have a beautiful day

You guys have colourful festival celebrations 🤩

Life needs to be colorful.

Man this post reminds me of my time spent in India. The vibrancy of the people, cuisine and culture stick with me a couple decades later.

The fact that you have the knowledge of a hive veteran, technology and opportunity to share it with your network of friends is a gift.

May you receive the blessings you seek.

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Everything that is considered very old was once new. And what we are illustrating today will someday also become an example. This is amazing.