Car Festival 2022 Live

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15000000 - 20000000 people on the grand road to seek the blessings of the live God.

This Car Festival is special - because, after two years, public are allowed to come to the Car Festival. And you can see it yourself, the crowd on this live video. Possibly, this is the most crowded festival in world and why it would not be when the living God comes with his brother and sister and give blessings to everyone. I would not write much here, because I want you to experience it live. The above broadcast is from Doordarshan (DD) India, and here is a regional channel, that is also broadcasting live.



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OMG, 1500000 to 2000000 people? Holy bunch of people reaching God and his brothers and sisters for blessings, is amazing just the amount of people, but what also amazes me is how much faith is placed in a single place at a single time, if we could measure it, it would be off the charges, and that is incredible to see, just so many people doing their best to earn such a blessing is a blessing it itself, because you can see human nature and wish to commune with the creator and his favor. And i love to see those feelings, because it represent us, the humans, as a people and as a race, we are all in one way or another searching for our creator and reaching for the blessings of life and spirituality.

whoa! that's a lot of people! :)

That's so cool how they spray all of them with water using the fire hose.. it's cuz its so hot, right? or is it like a blessing?

I really like the dress of the people and all the colors. I luv the shape of the main temple/shrine..


Yes, having so many people will definitely make it more hotter, in addition to the hot climate. And its the car, that is made for this festival, not the temple. The actual temple dates back to 12th century and is a massive structure. A lot on that, to write :)

😁 oops, i thought it was a static thing. it being a car makes it even cooler tho! 😎

Oh man, that´s a lot of people... The safety precautions for an event of this magnitude would be insane here in Europe. Practically impossible :D

I know, you are responsible for your own safety here :)

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Wow it seems Indians holds a lot of festival which is really nice and thanks for sharing.

That's quite a lot of people. The procession is really colorful, the festival should be the most crowded I guess, I imagine how it feels to be recording from here. Wow. How about COVID concerns?

Being there is considered as a privilege, many people come from outside and sleep on road to have a glimpse of the god, and pull the car. Covid concerns are set aside :)

This place is so crowded but the people seems so happy! Wow! Indians seems know how to have fun!

Ps: This festival is the cure for someone who has agoraphobia! 😆

Well, I guess, India is populated so high that, it's difficult to get agoraphobia :) But on the other hand, this is a very special occasion for us, many people come from distance places as well. 205 special trains were added for this occasion only.

205? These numbers are so far from the my greek reality!

So as India's population :)

Festival is amazing. So many people and the colors are so vivid !

Omg!!! That crowd is huge.

Probably the most crowded festival in history :) Of course, when the God comes out, who does not want to be there.

It's truly an incredible sight. So many devotees at once place!! Did you ever attend this festival in person?

Long back, I attended. This year is mega crowd, because public was not allowed last two years. I am planning to be there next year.

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I see that this festival is very frequent and it seems that it has been an eternity but 2 years without enjoying it. the crowd is awesome