What is your relationship with your parents? (Cross Culture Question #2)

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Here's an energy to the Cross Culture Question #2 in this contest, I talk about the relationship I had and have with my parents.

The questions I answered are

1 What role do/did your parents play in your life?
2 Has your relationship with your parents changed over the years?
3 Is there anything you wish your parents would do (or would have done) differently?
4 How are you similar to your parents?
5 How are you different from your parents?
6 Do you prefer a more involved relationship with your parents or more distance?

Thanks for watching and dropping by.

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@tipu curate

Thanks for the curation

Thanks for sharing this, I know it's not an easy topic for you so I was happy to see you want to participate.

I like how you give them the benefit of the doubt without subjecting yourself to any extra pressure or dominance by them, that is a healthy way to live.

Ideas that crossed through my mind when you were talking about how divorce is not so acceptable: Staying with someone who doesn't fulfil you and doesn't have any spark or compatibility is a recipe for all kinds of problems. I wish more people married for friendship. Attraction is great, security is nice, but I think only friendship can really keep people waking up feeling good every day. Of course it could be built or broken at any time.

Ideas that crossed through my mind when you were talking about how divorce is not so acceptable:

Over here, there's pressure on a person to get married as soon as they begin to hit 28, when they can't they're considered to be less humans. People get married to people they don't know from Adam because it was suggested by maybe their family or someone they held in high esteem and hence they forget marriage is a personal institution which they need to decipher for themselves. In reality I used to think some of the issues my parents had was because they were hardly compatible in so many aspects but then they had to marry as a result of recommendations by people they actually held in high esteem.
Inasmuch as it was difficult for me to talk about it was quite good, because I had to remind myself that regardless of the situations I wouldn't condemn whatever they had, but should try as much as possible to do better in so many aspects.

I am grateful it the questions could directly relate with my experience

To start with, my parents don't live together and it saddens me. Because I know that if they were together, it will have gone a long way affecting my life positively. I was watching the video when I got the notification that I'm almost out of data. So I definitely am using the last of my data to upload this!

However where I'm driving at is, my relationship improved with my mom only and I'm not happy about it.

I strongly believe that if it were with the both, I'll have gotten double experience and important masculine experience. I was all brought up by a woman. Let me stop here.

Thanks for the content. Even though I wasn't able complete the view!
Thanks @josediccus

Well I was majorly brought up by a woman as well which turned out to be my aunt. Inasmuch as I had my father at some point in time I didn't feel that he had an impact.
However I do believe that we actually inculate values differently from people who we look up to despite them being females or males, in your case I do believe that you are disappointed but then it is part of the process.
Thanks for taking the time to view the video according to how you can, I appreciate it.

You welcome @josediccus .

I'm grateful for the heavy burden you've lifted of my heart.

Thanks brother.

Be that it could, your relationship with your parents has also given you an instinct on things you would do not repeat the same mistake.

And again, I wouldn't call that a mistake too because everything happens for a reason, for the fact that you don't have a more involved relationship with them, there are some vital things you'll still learn from them.

Life will through you so many bricks, but left for you to pick these bricks to build a castle, should I say it was a tough moment with you and them? But in all, it will make you to be more experience not to be in the same shoe too, just like you let out.

Well out of everything, i'm grateful for all the experience thus far, it's actually made me a better man by all means. I cant complained, it's the way it is, for various reasons.

I saw the sincerity in you. Most african parent always want things their ways. Am glad you were strong enough. Great content sir

This is a great piece, thanks for sharing