Cultural Diversity: The Exposure & The Dynamism

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In this video, I discuss about culture, how it tends to become a definitive factor in the most important aspects of people's lives also, the relevant aspects that are often discussed and table on the internet, as a platform of social exposure. Overall culture is controversial because of how it is relatively different from different people, I talked about how we can yend to bridge the gap in our definitions of what we deem to be an "inferior" or "superior" culture

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Change is one constant we can all agree on. Engagement and the cycling of knowledge between individuals drive progress alongside technology. I think the cooking attributes of women being an indicator of how well they are perceived may be as you say Nigerian or African - centric, although I don't know if this perception exists in other cultures too. From my own experience, in Europe cooking is a shared activity and we have many male professional chefs here too. This is what makes cultural interaction so fascinating and provides such learning and growth experiences and opportunities for connection. That there are so many unique qualities that imbue our different cultures is a beauty. Being able to understand those differences is priceless. Cultures will develop organically at their own pace and within their own frameworks. !PIZZA great chat. I forgot how much I enjoyed your podcasts hehe

Thank you for such a detailed comment. I actually know that the cooking culture in some African countries was going to be totally different from what you have in other places. Just like you said there are so many cultures that are liberal about cooking irrespective of the gender that is involved.
Although accepting exotic cultures keying into them makes people feel that their own culture is weird.
I actually believe that no culture is free from any flaw and that there's beauty in every culture. Cooking is one of those aspects, inasmuch as it shouldn't just be the feminine gender, I believe that it's worth knowing for everyone, for eating good and the purpose of living healthy. Thanks for dropping by.

Aways a pleasure. I'll be sure to check in more often going forwards🙌

I just watched the whole video. Brother, thats a wonderful discussion. Im 100% with you. Its hard to discuss things sometimes, but you a great job of explaining good points.

Glad you took took your time to watch, Thanks for coming through.

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