The Nigerian/African Disposition On Marriage As An Endowment

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In this video, I talked about the Nigerian sociocultural perspective on marriage as an endowment, an enrichment to a person's life, an institution of permanence as it differs from other western cultures. I talked about factors that affects different people in general and how this can be worked on. I took a dive into real life situations, how it's Important to set up institutions that should be instrumental to helping young people develop and seeing more meaning to life.

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Thanks for the curation

Marriage shouldn't be a favor to anyone. Shouldn't have a time limit even though medically speaking, it's better to have children within the 20's of life, to circumvent having syndromic children.

Your points are valid, thanks for sharing with us.

Well you're in the line of medicine, I appreciate your professional input hahaha. I think it's a viable consideration as well. The truth is just that being matured in age sometimes cannot even be enough requirements for marriage, it is that huge. Thanks for dropping by.

Yes, yes..

You're welcome.

Society always finds a way to expect things from people and for female folks, everyone expects them to get married. Especially after attaining a level of success that they feel is enough for a woman. As a man, there is a grace period but eventually, everyone starts breathing down your neck for marriage.

Marriage requires a lot from both parties and being adequately prepared for it should not be overlooked. Compatibility is a very key factor when choosing someone to get married to. Most times we fail to acknowledge that we may love that person and they love us but we may not be compatible and that will lead to some issues as time goes on.

The pressure is what eventually leads to multiple mistakes, i believe that it stems from what we culturally believe to be obtainable. However age for example shouldn't be why we should be married but readiness in all aspect. In the video I talked a lot of about why the right institutions are necessary to set in place to educate people at large. It's quite an elaborate topic. Thanks for dropping by.

However age for example shouldn't be why we should be married but readiness in all aspects.

This is a very important factor that is being ignored in our society today. That is why the rate of divorce keeps increasing per year. People get into the marriage and find out they are not prepared for everything that comes with it.

Marriage is one thing that you should not be rushed into because it’s along term commitment and also it should be mentally and emotionally prepared for..

By the way I noticed you changed your background.🙂

Yeah, people who are young are pressured into marriage because they've attained a specific age and when they can't, then they're deemed failures. It's a stereotype that isn't really ideal.

By the way I noticed you changed your background.🙂

Yeah, I've left my school home, I've settled in my family home now.

Ok. Nice welcome home.

Lool thank you

This video is insightful,I really learned alot from it,you noted all the points needed to get married and the consequences involved also.

Yeah, thanks for watching

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I don't even know where to start from "my father/my mentor"

All I'll say is you've improved my thinking. You washed some nonsense off my mind.

Thanks "dad"

"Dad" is what I'll call you on hive sir.

Thanks once more @

Me seeing this video is quite funny because just last night, my friend was talking about how his aunt has being pressurizing his brother to get married for years.

Yes marriage is not just about being financially stable but being able to compromise in situations. Being able to cohabit. There so many things to look at and consider before getting married. The essential one is to be mentally stable.

Thanks for this awesome video. @k-banti since you getting married next year come and start learning ooooo😏😏😏

@starstrings01 is not even close only if he wants to get married to Paloma or whatever her name is (his guitar).